Bathtub turned into a shower enclosure

Bathtub turned into a shower enclosure

When building or renovating a bathroom, you'll inevitably encounter a crucial decision: a shower enclosure or a bathtub? A shower enclosure will save space while a bathtub will allow your children to enjoy their favorite water games and you to take a relaxing bath. But why make a difficult choice when you can have both? The following lines aim to convince you that a bathtub paired with a RAVAK bathtub screen can offer a practical solution for your bathroom.

Every saved centimetre can be used better

In smaller bathrooms, it's often challenging to accommodate both a bathtub and a shower. However, the combination of a bathtub with a bathtub screen or doors offers an ideal solution, allowing you to enjoy both comfortable bathing and showering in one space. RAVAK's wide range of products caters to any small bathroom, including those in panel buildings or attics, regardless of the layout.

No limits when choosing a bathtub

You can choose a rectangular or asymmetrical bathtub, small or large. The only thing to remember is that after installing the bathtub screen or bathtub doors, you should have enough space, at least 70 cm wide, for comfortable entry into the bathtub.

Choose a bathtub screen considering household members

You can choose a fixed, sliding or folding bathtub screen. The space above the bathtub can then be closed either from one or two sides. If you have small children, for example, the interior space should be more closed and the sliding or folding part of the screen should always seal well to fulfill its purpose during naval battles. If there is a senior in the household, we recommend a larger space for comfortable entry and exit from the bathtub.

Vana Rosa II in combination with the CVSK1 bathtub screen Rosa II bathtub in combination with the CVSK1 bathtub screen offers a wide and safe showering space.
Vana Classic II with AVDP3 bathtub doors Classic II bathtub with a length of only 120 cm fits even into a small alcove, where with AVDP3 bathtub doors it can replace even a spacious sealed shower enclosure.

Panels also serve an aesthetic function

You can choose a glass panel, clear or with a decor. For plastic panels, we offer variants with decor that can surprisingly change the style of your bathroom. You can maintain an airy impression, or on the contrary, screen off what should be hidden. You know best in what kind of bathroom you will feel good.

Our configurator will also help with atypical wishes

If you have not found the right product in our wide range, our configurator of the bathtub screen will allow you to assemble an atypical product tailored to your bathroom in a few simple steps.

Simple installation

You can also install RAVAK bathtub screens and bathtub doors later, practically on any classic rectangular bathtub with a straight upper edge, including tin or cast iron bathtubs. The installation is really simple and with basic equipment, practically anyone can handle it.

Vanda II bathtub The popular Vanda II bathtub, combined with the PVS1 bathtub screen, ensures that your bathroom stays dry during showering.

It pays to think about maintenance today

The bathtub screen is a prominent element in every bathroom and should decorate it even after years. If you don't want to spend more time on maintenance than necessary, we recommend frameless bathtub screens, ideally made of glass, which are easier to maintain.

All RAVAK glass bathtub screens are treated with a special patented surface treatment RAVAK AntiCalc ® . Thanks to it, a water-repellent layer is created on the glass, on which droplets cannot adhere. They run down and limescale cannot settle. To maintain these properties, we have developed RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner .

Rather than trying to improvise, using for example a plastic curtain, get acquainted with the complete offer of RAVAK bathtub screens and doors. Surely HERE you will find the perfect solution for your bathroom.

How to choose a shower tray

How to choose a shower tray

The choice of a shower enclosure is closely related to the selection of the ideal shower tray. Installing a shower tray is a suitable solution wherever you cannot or do not want to structurally interfere with the floor, for example, in a panel apartment. Your choice should take into account the expectations and needs of the entire household, for example if you have small children, bathe pets, or occasionally soak laundry. If you choose the right shape, material, and method of installation, you will be satisfied in the long term. And there will be no more floods in your bathroom.

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

Renovating or setting up a new bathroom should be an enjoyable phase of life where you can fulfill your dreams of creating a new and better living space. The following lines will provide inspiration and useful tips for making fundamental decisions, such as selecting a bathtub. If you carefully consider everything, you will be satisfied with today's decision even years from now, every time you enter your bathroom.