A folding seat in the shower enclosure will increase your safety as well as everyday comfort when showering. You can relax comfortably while sitting, and especially women will appreciate the seat as a practical help during their beauty rituals. Besides, the shower seat is also a fancy stylish accessory.

Our wall-mounted folding seats do not require any special maintenance. They are made of non-corrosive material that can withstand even high humidity. You can choose not only according to the colour of the structure - white, black or a luxurious metal design, but also according to the shape of the seat. The part where you sit is made of hard plastic in an oval or square shape.

The elegant Ovo Chrome seat is designed to match the Chrome series shower enclosures.

The round model Ovo P II has a vacuum-formed seat made of highly resistant plastic. The edges are shaped by hand and are pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

The Ovo B II seat was designed by designer Kryštof Nosál. The seat is shaped by a laser and the special form of the edges emphasizes the modern character.

Folding seats are intended for shower enclosures with dimensions of at least 90x90 cm, but they can also be used anywhere else where a chair would be in the way, both indoors and outdoors. They save space, for example, in halls, corridors, lifts and other public facilities, but also on the balcony.

The structure of all seats meets a load capacity of 150 kg. You can easily install them and just as easily move them repeatedly. Thanks to their long service life, they will keep you company for many years.

We provide a 10-year warranty on all shower seats!