Warranty on RAVAK products

By law, the consumer buyer is entitled to a 2-year warranty on RAVAK products. This warranty period begins either from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer, as stated in the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE as the date of sale, or from the commissioning of the product by a certified entity, provided it occurs within three days of receipt.
The warranty period does not include the time from when the buyer files a complaint about the goods until the time when the buyer is obliged to take over the goods after the completion of warranty repairs.

RAVAK products meet the highest quality requirements,
therefore we provide a completely
FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY on selected types of goods!


We provide a  10-year warranty on all bathtubs . To qualify for the warranty, please ensure the use of original RAVAK support (legs) for the specific type of bathtub as detailed in the installation instructions. Additionally, City and City Slim bathtub panels come with a  5-year warranty.
We provide a  3-year warranty on selected bathtub drain sets.

Shower enclosures, shower doors and fixed panels

We provide a  5-year warranty on all shower enclosures and doors (valid from 1.1.2019). The statutory warranty period applies to consumables such as sealing strips, magnets, and drip trays, as stated in applicable laws and regulations.
We provide a  10-year warranty on the technical solution AntiBlock (sliding door closing and opening system) based on a tested minimum lifespan of 1,000,000 openings.

Shower trays

We provide a  5-year warranty on cast marble shower trays (valid from 1.1.2017).
We provide a  3-year warranty on shower tray waste traps.

Shower seats

We provide a  10-year warranty on all Chrome and OVO II shower seats (valid from 1.6.2020).

Shower channels and drains

We provide a  25-year warranty on stainless steel shower channels (on permanently installed parts). The warranty for replaceable parts of the stainless steel shower channel is 3 years .
We provide a  6-year warranty on plastic shower channels and floor drains . The warranty for replaceable parts is 3 years .


We provide a  5-year warranty on all washbasins and small washbasins (valid from 1.3.2021). We provide a  3-year warranty on washbasin accessories (waste plugs and waste traps).

Bathroom furniture

We provide a  5-year warranty on all bathroom furniture (valid from 1.1.2017).


We provide an extended warranty of 5 years on all taps * .
We provide an extended warranty of 10 years on the basic unit of R-box of concealed taps.
We provide an extended warranty of 5 years on bathroom accessories. The five-year warranty does not apply to tap accessories, where the statutory warranty of 24 months applies.

* The condition for the validity of the extended warranty for the taps is the use of protective screens at the water inlet to the fixture to capture impurities from the pipes and a water filtration device at the entrance to the apartment/house with a minimum of 200 μm. The recommended maximum operating temperature at the inlet to the tap is 65° C. The recommended maximum operating pressure at the tap inlet is 0.5 MPa.

Toilets and bidets

We provide a warranty of 10 years on toilets and bidets (valid from 1.1.2019). A warranty of 3 years applies to sanitary accessories (seats and flush buttons).

Toilet modules

We provide a warranty of 10 years on toilet and bidet installlation system (on permanently installed parts). A warranty of 3 years applies to replaceable parts of the modules.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • defects caused by unprofessional installation, which was not in accordance with the instructions given in the installation manual or construction readiness
  • defects caused by improper use or maintenance
  • wear and tear of the product beyond normal use
  • mechanical and other damage to the product in an unexpected situation (e.g., fire)
  • defects caused by using the product outside the bathroom in incorrect or extreme conditions (e.g., in a sauna room, exterior, etc.)
  • defects that the buyer was previously warned about in writing and for which a discount was provided from the purchase price. The properties of the material used that are permissible by the binding standard are not considered defects.

Warranty Card

Safely store and keep the warranty card and proof of purchase of the product (or of its professional installation) for the entirety of the warranty period.
The goods will be delivered along with a blank warranty card (if not, the invoice you receive along with the goods and which is also sent to your e-mail after the delivery of the goods serves as a warranty card instead).
We will be happy to confirm your warranty card in our stores or at the retailer after you present a tax document or its copy. Of course, you can also send the warranty card by post – along with your order number or a copy of the invoice – to our address:

RAVAK a.s.
Obecnická 285
261 01 Příbram I
Czech Republic

We shall send you a confirmed warranty card back to the address you provided in the order (unless you state a different one).

We do not confirm the warranty card straight away, to give you time to carefully check and try out the goods first.