Corner Bathtubs

The advantage of asymmetric corner bathtubs is their smaller space requirements, which is why they are often installed in smaller bathrooms. However, they can also be used in larger bathrooms, where they enhance the airy impression of the room.

Our most popular corner bathtub is the Rosa II bathtub, which has more sophisticated interior lines compared to the Rosa I  model. The Rosa 95 bathtub is suitable for really small bathrooms. All Rosa models offer the possibility of both bathing and showering thanks to the combination with a bathtub screen.

The BeHappy II bathtub also offers the possibility of both bathing and showering. With this bathtub, you can save space by placing a design-coordinated washbasin and mirror above the narrowed part.

The 10° bathtub is part of the same concept, so it offers the possibility to effectively coordinate the design of the entire bathroom. With this bathtub as well, you have the option of installing a bathtub screen. During a shower, you will certainly appreciate the wider bottom of this model.

The Avocado concept is perfect for bathing in a really small bathroom, for example in an attic. Placing a washbasin above the narrowed part significantly saves space, while not limiting you in regular use.

The Asymmetric model will primarily appeal to pragmatists with its practical solution and affordability.

The Asymmetric Chrome bathtub offers plenty of storage surfaces for comfortable bathing and also the option to choose the direction of seating.

The LoveStory II transforms your bathroom into a personal wellness spa. As the name suggests, it is intended for those who long to bathe as a couple. It is the largest bathtub in the RAVAK range.

Large corner bathtubs are more space-demanding and will be appreciated mainly by those customers for whom bathing is a real ritual. They are suitable for families with children, as more people can bathe at once. When bathing together, you will appreciate the large interior space of the NewDay bathtub. The Gentiana bathtub provides a bottom surface with a varied layout.