PVS1 Screen PVS1 Screen

PVS1 Bathtub Screen

Stable and perfectly

Screen CVS2 Screen CVS2

CVS2 Bathtub Screen

Wide entrance thanks to
a rotating column

CVSK1 Rosa Screen CVSK1 Rosa Screen

CVSK1 Rosa Bathtub Screen

Perfectly merges
with the bathtub

Screen VS3 Screen VS3

VS3 Bathtub Screen

and practical solution

Showering and splashing without worries

Enjoy a bath really without worries. The bathtub screen will ensure that the floor remains dry and safe and allows you to enjoy your shower to the maximum.
Showering and splashing without worries

Fixed or movable?

You will particularly appreciate the practical function of our shower screens. We offer screens that are firmly fixed or, on the contrary, movable. The movable ones provide a wide comfortable entrance and can be folded in various ways to save space.
Fixed or movable?

Solution for atypical bathtubs

For corner and asymmetric bathtubs, our designers develop custom-made screens that perfectly copy the shape of the bathtub. We also think about matching the bathtub and screen with the overall style of the bathroom. Therefore, we offer different kinds of panels and various frame colours - white, black, chrome gloss or satin.
Solution for atypical bathtubs

Refined to the last detail

In the production of bathtub screens, we use our long experience in the development and production of shower enclosures. Therefore, we have perfected all production processes to guarantee extraordinary resistance and reliability. On the other hand, we also think about everyday use in your home. Safety glass panels are treated with the patented RAVAK AntiCalc® technology. This prevents the build-up of limescale, so the screen remains beautiful and clean for a long time.
Refined to the last detail

Suitable for every bathtub

You can easily install the screen afterwards on almost any classic rectangular tub with a straight rim, including metal and cast iron bathtubs.
Suitable for every bathtub

Simple installation

Almost anyone can handle the installation of the screen to the wall using just a few screws.
Simple installation


Customized solutions

Nothing that would fit? Assemble a product of atypical dimensions to suit your spatial possibilities, whether it is width, depth or height.

Discover the configurator
Custom solutions

Do you need an advice?

We offer advice, tips, and ideas to plan a new bathroom or renovate an old one in a tasteful and efficient way, so that it remains a source of daily joy for years to come.

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