Washing your hands can be like visiting an art gallery

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The best washbasin is so subtle, you don't even know you're using it. It is suitably spacious so as not to restrict your movements, with sufficient space storing for soap and tooth brushes, robust enough to withstand intensive use, easy to clean and, last but not least, forms an aesthetic whole with the cabinet where you can keep all your necessities.

In addition to traditional washbasins in the sizes of 60, 70 or 80 cm we also offer double washbasins (Chrome double washbasin, Classic double washbasin) as well as mini washbasins (Classic Mini I washbasin or Classic Mini II washbasin), which will fit in the toilet, for example.

RAVAK washbasins match the available bathroom concepts perfectly and some of them have been designed to be placed above the bathtub (Avocado washbasin, BeHappy washbasin) for example, or separately with corresponding cabinets.

We manufacture our washbasins from composite material on a crushed dolomite (cast marble) or ceramic basis. The benefits of cast washbasins include perfectly clean edges and a flat storage surface. Ceramic materials offer a wide range of benefits, including high compactness and resistance, easy maintenance and beautiful, simple lines matching every bathroom concept.