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Yard Washbasins

Keep everything within reach,
yet out of sight

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Ceramic Slim Washbasins

Combination of lightness and

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Practical classic

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for every situation

Washbasins for every bathroom

Choose your ideal washbasin. One that becomes a natural part of your day. One that does not limit you in movement, looks beautiful, is easy to clean, and has enough space for everything you need. No matter what kind of washbasin you are looking for - countertop, wall-mounted, recessed, double one or a small one - you will find it in our range.

Washbasins for every bathroom

We believe in Czech design

Washbasins are created in collaboration with Czech designers. They meet the most demanding requirements for aesthetics and function and it comes as no surprise that they keep receiving prestigious awards for product design.

We believe in Czech design

Precision of cast marble

Washbasins made of cast marble are characterized by perfectly clean edges and totally flat surfaces. This material is a composite material made of ground dolomite. It has a very long lifespan and high impact resistance.

Precision of cast marble

Timeless ceramic

We manufacture ceramic washbasins from a mixture of RAVAK CERAM+. This innovative material opens up new possibilities in design and enables the creation of objects with extremely thin walls. Thanks to the precise proportions of the individual additives, washbasins made of this type of ceramic are harder, stronger, and more resistant.

Timeless ceramic

5-year warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why your washbasin comes with an extended five-year warranty.


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