Sanitary Ceramic Accessories

Modern toilet seats have a SoftClose system, which ensures a gradual and quiet closing of both the seat and the lid. Plastic toilet seats are antibacterial. Those made in a thin design are marked as Slim or Flat.

Flush buttons are integrated into the wall, so they do not disturb the aesthetic purity. They have a dual flush system, which allows you to choose different amounts of water according to your needs. This saves you money and nature. Dual flush buttons can be chosen in various designs and colour finishes.

The concealed installation system is used for the installation and flushing of wall-mounted toilets and bidets. The concealed tank is hidden in the wall and the toilet or bidet is fixed to it. The offer includes concealed systems designed to be installed in front of a load-bearing wall or to be incorporated into plasterboard. A bidet trap is intended for connecting the bidet to the concealed installation system.