Head shower 984.00CR Head shower 984.00CR

984.00CR Overhead Shower

Experience of falling drops

Hand shower 951.20BLM Hand shower 951.20BLM

951.20BLM Hand Shower

Pleasant to the touch
and to the eye

Shower rod with sliding holder 974.60RGB Shower rod with sliding holder 974.60RGB

974.60RGB Shower Bar with Sliding Holder

Fusion of the water element
with metal

Shower hose 913.12WV Shower hose 913.12WV

913.12WV Shower Hose

White velvet.
Touch it

Matching design

You have invested in a shower that you really like, and you will probably enjoy using it for years to come. Don't spoil the final look of the shower with details that could ruin the overall impression. We have matched the accessories and tap complements down to the last detail so that they reflect the design of the tap collections and form a logical whole with the entire bathroom.
Matching design

Selection of components

The installation of your shower doesn't end the moment you connect it to the water supply and fit a tap. You can customize your shower enclosure using a wide range of accessories to fulfil all your wishes. There are overhead and hand showers in different shapes, shower hoses made of different materials and in different lengths. In addition, there are shower holders for comfortable showering. For all those who don't want to bother with selecting individual components, we provide shower and bathtub sets that include everything you need.
Selection of components

Trustworthy production

As a manufacturer of bathroom equipment, we know exactly how much the materials in the bathroom suffer. Therefore, we adhere to the highest European quality standards and use components that guarantee resistance and a long service life of our products.
Trustworthy production


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