How to choose a shower tray

How to choose a shower tray

The choice of a shower enclosure is closely related to the selection of the ideal shower tray. Installing a shower tray is a suitable solution wherever you cannot or do not want to structurally interfere with the floor, for example, in a panel apartment. Your choice should take into account the expectations and needs of the entire household, for example if you have small children, bathe pets, or occasionally soak laundry. If you choose the right shape, material, and method of installation, you will be satisfied in the long term. And there will be no more floods in your bathroom.

Cast marble or acrylic?

RAVAK cast marble shower trays are of the highest quality on the market. They are reinforced with fibreglass and therefore very stable, with a load capacity of up to 300 kg. They are colourfast and resistant to scratching. Cast marble has excellent thermal insulation properties and easy maintenance. The trays can be built-in, placed on legs or embedded into the floor. Embedding the shower tray in the floor not only provides barrier-free access but also creates a minimalist aesthetic impression.

Acrylic shower trays are still popular, not only for their favorable price but also for their properties. The trays are light, pleasant to the touch, and colour and temperature stable, so they keep the water warm for longer. Although they have a smooth surface, there is only a minimal risk of slipping, which can be further reduced by choosing a non-slip bottom variant. Acrylic effectively dampens the sound of falling water, and its special AntiBac® protection prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria and yeast. However, it is necessary to avoid using aggressive chemical agents and sand during cleaning, as they could damage the surface. The advantage of acrylic trays is that if scratched, you can repair the defect by sanding and subsequent smoothing. However, it's important to note that acrylic trays typically have lower load capacity and shape stability than cast marble trays. Therefore, their installation should be done exclusively by professionals.

Galaxy Pro 10° shower tray The Galaxy Pro 10° cast marble shower tray creates additional storage space thanks to its rotation of 10°.
Acrylic tray Kaskada The Kaskada acrylic tray offers an ideal combination of proven quality and an advantageous price.

Flat or deep?

When it comes to the depth of the tray, there are three basic options. You can choose a tray that is almost flat, which will make your entry into the shower more pleasant; or slightly deeper variants, which better retain accumulating water. However, if you want your children to enjoy water games, choose the Sabina tray with a depth of 27 cm. It offers a pleasant compromise in bathrooms where accommodating both a shower and a classic bathtub simultaneously is not feasible.

Galaxy Pro Flat Thanks to its height of 3 cm, the Galaxy Pro Flat shower tray is suitable for barrier-free solutions by embedding into the floor.
Deep sitting tray Sabina The deep Sabina seated tray allows for comfortable showering, but also bathing children.

In our offer, you will find both square , rectangular and quadrant trays, each with its advantages.

The classic small tray with dimensions of 80x80 cm is space-saving, but if your bathroom area allows it, we recommend considering installing at least a 90x90 cm tray. In a larger shower enclosure, you can always install a folding seat and a handle if you need them in the future. There's also less risk of accidentally moving the tap lever and getting scalded, a situation that can occur more easily in a small shower enclosure.

Perhaps your bathroom can benefit the most from one of the rectangular variants. When fitted with three screens, it can be, in the same way as a square tray, installed anywhere in the space, not just in the corner. We offer a wide range of rectangular shower trays that correspond to the floor plans of our shower enclosures. Another option is to place the tray in a recess and close the space with shower doors .

Blix BLDP2 in combination with Perseus Pro tray Blix BLDP2 shower door in combination with the Perseus Pro tray.

Quadrant trays take up the least space in the bathroom. They give a pleasant, rounded impression, but they require installation in the corner. In addition to the size, the radius is also an important parameter. It is usually R 550, but when choosing a shower enclosure, it is necessary to make sure and match the parameters.

Professional installation for your full satisfaction

You can either embed shower trays into the floor, build them in, or place them on legs, so pay attention to choosing the right type. Some models include a front cover panel , while with other models it can be purchased separately. It will not only simplify the installation of the shower tray, but also give you the access to the waste trap. We also recommend using our universal mounting kit , which will make it easier for you to seal the shower tray using cover strips and silicone sealant.

Shower without a tray

Walk-In Wall shower The Walk-In Wall shower is best installed directly on the floor with a built-in shower channel or a point drain for optimal functionality.

Before you start building or renovating a bathroom, it is a good time to consider a shower without a tray as an alternative. Its great advantage is a generous interior space and extremely comfortable access. In this case, the function of the tray is replaced by a  shower channel , which is integrated into the sloped floor. The minimalist concept with glass surfaces then highlights the design of the entire bathroom. However, this solution is more suitable for a family house than for a panel apartment.

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

Renovating or setting up a new bathroom should be an enjoyable phase of life where you can fulfill your dreams of creating a new and better living space. The following lines will provide inspiration and useful tips for making fundamental decisions, such as selecting a bathtub. If you carefully consider everything, you will be satisfied with today's decision even years from now, every time you enter your bathroom.

Invisible shield against dirt and deposits

Invisible shield against dirt and deposits

We want you to enjoy your bathroom for as long as possible. That's why we constantly work on technological innovations that extend the lifespan and beauty of our products.