RAVAK Photo and Visualization Database

You can find the image database at the following link: docs.ravak.eu .

Use these login details to sign in:
login: ravak
password: visu2020

In the database, you can view and download visualizations and photos (from now on referred to as images) of individual products, or bathrooms with RAVAK products in several ways:

  • There are 4 basic folders in the Documents bar:
    • CZ Collections – a set of images in chronological order according to the catalogue pages
    • Help for search – a document with help for image searching
    • RAVAK real photos – real photos of products or bathrooms with people
    • RAVAK visualizations – a tree of folders with image files according to product categories and series

  • In the Search bar via the Full-text tab:
    Searching in product names ( File name ), or their tags ( tags = each image has several tags assigned: name, series, type, possibly colour).

  • In the Search bar via the Tags tab:
    Searching only by tags in the list of all tags, which are defined across the entire database.

Don't miss the tab named Help for search , where you can find help for image searching.