How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

Renovating or setting up a new bathroom should be an enjoyable phase of life where you can fulfill your dreams of creating a new and better living space. The following lines will provide inspiration and useful tips for making fundamental decisions, such as selecting a bathtub. If you carefully consider everything, you will be satisfied with today's decision even years from now, every time you enter your bathroom.

Bathroom layout is not a limit, but an inspiration

Of course, we choose a different bathtub for an apartment in a panel building, a different one for a generous villa, an attic studio or a country house. In all cases, however, one rule applies - the layout of any bathroom is a challenge for us, like a blank canvas for a painter. And the result must be perfect. The choice of a specific bathtub from a colourful palette of models should be based not only on your preferences, but also on the spatial possibilities of the bathroom. Take into account not only the floor area, but also the length and height of individual walls. Even a small atypical bathroom can have a pleasantly cozy atmosphere when choosing a suitable bathtub. So go for it.

Bathtub in the context of the entire bathroom

The bathtub is a dominant element in the bathroom, but it's not the only one. When choosing a bathtub, it's important to consider its proportions in relation to other fixtures such as the washbasin, bathroom furniture, accessories, toilet, or washing machine, which are often part of the bathroom. After completion, there should be enough space in the bathroom to allow for comfortable movement without constant bumping into objects. We believe that in our wide range of bathtubs of various shapes and sizes, you will easily find exactly the model that will harmoniously fit into your future bathroom like a pebble into a beautiful mosaic.

If you're struggling to find space in your bathroom, we recommend considering bathtubs designed for small bathrooms. And as some naval battles can be expected when bathing small children, we recommmend installing bathtub screens, which will save your bathroom from disaster.

A freestanding or spacious corner bathtub will offer you real relaxation and a feeling of luxury.

Vana BeHappy II The BeHappy II bathtub offers the most space-saving solution for comfortable bathing and showering.
Freedom O The design of the freestanding Freedom O bathtub stands out most in a larger bathroom.

Acrylic - a material with many advantages

Acrylic bathtubs are the most popular and best-selling on the market, and rightly so. Thanks to excellent shaping possibilities, acrylic gives complete freedom to the designer's imagination. The shape of each bathtub thus meets the needs of each customer, whether it is in terms of comfort or effective use of bathroom space. In addition, acrylic bathtubs have good thermal insulation properties, so they keep the water pleasantly warm for an extended period of time. The bathtub maintains its shape for a long time, does not bend or crack, so we do not hesitate to provide a 10-year warranty. We have been manufacturing acrylic bathtubs for three decades and so far we have not found a reason to change anything.

Choose the shape and size of the bathtub with regard to comfort

If the spatial possibilities of your bathroom allow it, the length of the bathtub should be the same as your height from heel to shoulder, so that you can comfortably lean both feet against the walls of the bathtub. Ergonomic solution and internal division are also important. When bathing in the bathtub, you should have space to put your arms down and you should lie in a naturally inclined position.

A rectangular bathtub is a safe bet

A rectangular bathtub is a choice that you can't go wrong with. It makes ideal use of the bathroom space; you can build it in or simply cover with a front and side panel. With the panels, you can easily and quickly cover the legs of the bathtub, the waste trap and waste pipes, while everything remains easily accessible at any time.

For building in or dropping in, opt for a rectangular bathtub of the Slim type, characterized by its lowered rim. This bathtub shape not only stands out but also provides storage surfaces.

If you are looking for comfort, you should not miss the spacious City Slim , Formy 01 Slim or Formy 02 Slim bathtubs.

One of the added benefits of the rectangular Vanda II bathtub are ergonomically shaped recesses.

The Campanula II bathtub is perfect for bathing even for two people.

It is convenient to combine Chrome Slim or Classic II bathtubs with a bathtub screen, creating thus an ideal shower space.

The Classic II mini bathtub with a length of 120 cm is intended for an alcove and in combination with bathtub doors provides a practical enclosed space for showering.

Formy 01 Slim The modern rectangular Formy 01 Slim bathtub perfectly blends with surrounding walls and naturally fits into any interior.
Classic II Slim rims and a larger slope of the sides give the Classic II bathtub an unusually large interior space, despite its limited dimensions.

A corner bathtub is an elegant solution for atypical spaces

Corner bathtubs can be divided into two types: asymmetric and symmetric. Asymmetric bathtubs save space and fit even into the smallest bathrooms. They usually have a flat and wide bottom, so you can comfortably shower in the bathtub. They typically have a different width at the back, where you sit or stand while showering, and at the foot, where the bathtub narrows. Symmetric bathtubs have the same lengths of sides. With its generosity, a symmetric bathtub allows bathing for two people. You will appreciate the integrated inner seat not only for relaxation but also as a practical storage surface.

The popular BeHappy II bathtub offers the possibility to install a washbasin at the narrowing point, which helps to save additional space in a small bathroom.

The Rosa I  , Rosa II and Rosa 95 bathtubs offer a gradually sloping backrest for comfortable bathing and a wide bottom for safe showering.

If you're dealing with a tight and confined space that demands precision, you'll love the Avocado bathtub. Despite its compact size, it offers exceptional comfort, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

The large LoveStory II bathtub, suitable for bathing for two people, dispels the myth that asymmetric bathtubs are only suitable for small bathrooms.

Freedom Corner combines the advantages of corner bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs. The result is an unconventional yet practical design.

The NewDay or Gentiana corner bathtubs will truly enhance the beauty of any spacious bathroom.

BeHappy II Bathtub The BeHappy II bathtub maximizes every centimetre of space, delivering unexpected comfort.
Rosa II Rosa II with a bathtub screen is a spacious shower and comfortable bathtub in one.
Freedom Corner Bathtub The Freedom Corner bathtub combines the advantages of a corner and freestanding bathtub.

A freestanding bathtub dominates the design of the bathroom

The growing popularity of freestanding bathtubs suggests that bathing is no longer just a pragmatic solution to daily hygiene, but also a popular relaxation for demanding days. When you opt for a freestanding bathtub, we recommend using the services of an interior designer. Professional experience and ideas will help to bring your dream bathroom to life.

The simple elegance of the Ypsilon bathtub embodies comfort and enhances the romantic ambiance of the bathroom.

The unique minimalist design of the Solo freestanding bathtub has captivated not only customers but also juries of prestigious design competitions.

The Freedom O  bathtub fulfills what its name promises – relaxation and a sense of freedom.

Where it is more suitable to install a freestanding bathtub to the wall, we recommend the Freedom Wall model. In the black variant, it also wonderfully complements industrial or vintage style.

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years The Ypsilon freestanding bathtub is a real work of art. Its open shape at the top invites you to comfortably place your arms and open your chest for intense relaxation.

How to choose a shower tray

How to choose a shower tray

The choice of a shower enclosure is closely related to the selection of the ideal shower tray. Installing a shower tray is a suitable solution wherever you cannot or do not want to structurally interfere with the floor, for example, in a panel apartment. Your choice should take into account the expectations and needs of the entire household, for example if you have small children, bathe pets, or occasionally soak laundry. If you choose the right shape, material, and method of installation, you will be satisfied in the long term. And there will be no more floods in your bathroom.

Invisible shield against dirt and deposits

Invisible shield against dirt and deposits

We want you to enjoy your bathroom for as long as possible. That's why we constantly work on technological innovations that extend the lifespan and beauty of our products.