Shower Channels and Drains

A shower channel is an excellent option. By installing the shower enclosure directly on the floor, you achieve a comfortable, barrier-free solution, unrestricted by the dimensions of a shower tray. The entire floor area stands out, creating a pleasantly light and spacious feeling. The only requirement is that your bathroom floor is suitable for this type of construction intervention.

We guarantee a drainage rate of 60 liters per minute for our channels, ensuring efficient water removal even in busy spaces. For less frequently used bathrooms, a point drain will be enough.

We offer shower channels in various lengths, ranging from 30 to 105 centimeters. Therefore, they they can fit into any space, from small recesses to spacious custom-made shower enclosures. To enhance your comfort, we've considered every detail. For instance, our shower channels feature a double odor seal and special surface treatment to prevent the buildup of dirt.

Choose a location that best suits your needs. The most common placement for a shower channel is against the wall, although it can also be installed in the centre of the shower space. Ensure that the entire surface of the shower enclosure is adequately sloped toward the channel to facilitate proper drainage.

In our product range, you will find stainless steel shower channels of the Chrome, 10° or Runway series. All models have a long service life and you do not have to be afraid to use effective chemical agents when cleaning them. The Runway series includes a black-finished shower channel, perfectly complementing contemporary bathrooms and coordinating well with accessories and tiles. Plastic Zebra channels are more affordable, yet they do not significantly lag behind in terms of functionality and quality.