Shower trays

The foundation of every shower enclosure – a proper, inviting shower tray. Contact between your bare feet and the floor significantly affects the overall impression of showering. Choose the shower tray from our wide selection that best suits you. We offer a wide range of acrylic or cast marble shower trays. Acrylic shower trays are available in the Kaskada, Galaxy and Sabina deep-seated lines. Cast marble shower trays can be found in the Galaxy Pro, Galaxy Pro Flat and Galaxy Pro Chrome lines.

Each line offers shower trays of various shapes, sizes, designs, and installation methods. RAVAK shower trays can be installed directly on the floor, on legs, sunk into the floor or encased. They adapt seamlessly even to large shower enclosures – the largest shower tray we manufacture is 90 x 120 cm.

All trays can be installed with a waste trap measuring 90 mm in diameter and a flow rate of up to 30 litres per minute, which satisfies even the most demanding requirements. For Sabina shower trays, we recommend the Sabina waste trap with a diameter of 52 mm operated by the ClickClack system.