Gigant Pro Chrome Tray Gigant Pro Chrome Tray

Gigant Pro Chrome Tray

Pleasantly smooth
and beautifully rounded

Gigant Pro Tray Gigant Pro Tray

Gigant Pro Tray

Comfort that keeps
you on your feet

Ronda Tray Ronda Tray

Ronda Tray

You can rely on it

Sabina Bathtub Sabina Bathtub

Sabina Tray

When a classic bathtub
doesn't fit

Quality tray is the basis

We offer a wide range of acrylic or cast marble shower trays for shower enclosures. We provide models in several types of depth and surface finishes for quadrant, square, and rectangular shower enclosures.
Quality tray is the basis

Design variety

You can easily match the shower trays with other bathroom elements. Each series has its specific properties. You can choose an effective flat design, a non-slip surface,  asymmetric solution or a proven classic.
Design variety

Installation? There are many ways

Shower trays can be installed directly on the floor, on legs or embedded into the floor. They easily adapt to larger shower enclosures up to the size of 90 x 120 cm. Cast shower trays are easy to install to the wall with a minimal joint due to their perfectly straight edges and angles.
Installation? There are many ways

100% quality

We manufacture most of our shower trays using cast marble technology. This material excels in high strength and precise processing, it is pleasant to the touch and non-porous.
100% quality

5-year warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why your cast shower tray comes with an extended five-year warranty.


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