Rectangular Bathtubs

The rectangular bathtub is a bathroom classic, but even in this section you will find a wide range of bathtubs with significant differences. For example, the City bathtub has interior rounded shapes and it can be fitted with a front and side panel, either in white or wood finish.

If you want to relax in the bathtub for a long time, choose between the exceptionally comfortable Vanda II or Classic II bathtubs, which are available in various lengths.

The rounded Chrome bathtub gives you the opportunity to match the bathroom equipment with other products from this range or with other products with a rounded design.

The generous Campanula II bathtub offers comfortable bathing for two people. You can also add a bathtub screen to this model for comfortable showering. Generally, a bathtub for two people should have a drain in the middle and the same slope on both sides.

Do you prefer bathroom design with angular shapes? Don't miss the Formy 01 bathtub, which in addition provides plenty of space for storing cosmetics. Formy 02 will impress you at first glance with its graceful rounded edges.

The Rectangular 10° Bathtub will appeal to those who prefer a bathtub with a wider interior space.