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Bathtub Accessories

Do not underestimate the selection of additional bathtub accessories. The purchase price is negligible compared to the total costs of building or renovating a bathroom, yet it can significantly influence the quality of execution, and thus your long-term satisfaction.

Supports, Panels and Panel Kits

Using the original support (legs) in accordance with the installation instructions for the specific type of bathtub is a condition of the RAVAK bathtub warranty. Therefore, do not forget to add it to your basket. You do not have to build in and tile the bathtub, you can easily and quickly cover the bathtub legs, waste trap and waste pipes with covering front and side panels in various finishes. Everything remains comfortably accessible in case of a malfunction or cleaning. A panel kit is used to attach the front panel.

Bathtub Waste Sets

We offer a waste set with an overflow, which is operated either by a Bowden cable, i.e. by turning the upper control element, or by the Click-Clack principle, where the plug is opened and closed by repeated pressing. The bathtub waste set with the function of filling through the overflow is an ideal choice for bathtubs with a concealed tap. The bathtub is filled in a pleasantly silent way through the overflow opening at the top of the bathtub. In the offer, you will find waste sets that will perfectly match the design of your bathroom.