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Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub is always intended for a larger bathroom, where it becomes an exquisite centrepiece.

Our most comfortable bathtub model, Ypsilon , is literally a work of art. The bathtub opens slightly to the sides, which invites you to comfortably rest your arms, open up your chest and relax.

The Freedom O  bathtub owes nothing to its name. The rounded shape naturally helps you to relax and will never bore you.

The Freedom W bathtub is designed to be placed back to the wall. A wider rim next to the wall provides space to instal a deck-mounted tap and to place your cosmetics. The black version will attract your attention and, together with black accessories, complements the distinctive style of the entire bathroom.

The Solo bathtub is a clean design piece that will impress you at first glance with its visual stability.