Quadrant Shower Trays

We offer quadrant shower trays for shower enclosures of size 80x80, 90x90 and 100x100 cm, which have the same radius R500. Trays made of cast marble from the Galaxy Pro Chrome , Galaxy Pro and Galaxy Pro Flat series have an extra flat design, making them a perfect choice for a barrier-free installation. For a raised version, they can be supplemented with legs and  covered with a panel or tiles. They are very stable, durable and come with a 5-year warranty. The Elipso Pro Chrome tray with its typical oval shape complements the Chrome concept and other quadrant shower enclosures. The Elipso Pro tray model stands out thanks to its anti-slip surface. The modern Elipso Pro Flat tray has a smooth surface and is easy to clean.

Acrylic quadrant trays from the Galaxy and Kaskada series are very reliable. Their antibacterial surface treatment prevents the reproduction of bacteria and yeasts. LA type trays are designed to be installed on legs and built in. EX type self-supporting trays can be covered with a panel or tiles and the PAN and PU types come already with a panel. In our range, you will also find the Elipso model with a smooth bottom or the reasonably priced Ronda model with a cascading bottom.

The Sabina deep tray is specifically designed to complement the SKCP4 Sabina and BLCP4 Sabina quadrant reduced height shower enclosures. Ideal for smaller bathrooms where space constraints prevent the installation of a bathtub, this tray offers the convenience of bathing small children or soaking laundry.