Attic bathroom with a charm

Attic bathroom with a charm

The attic space for a bathroom installation can be a beautiful start to a story; a story at the end of which there will be a sunny morning ritual or a relaxing bath by candlelight and moonlight. Roof windows bring other practical advantages, such as the possibility of immediate ventilation and drying of surfaces, which prevents the formation of mold. Plenty of natural light will reduce your energy consumption and at the same time visually brighten the entire space. But let's admit that the construction of an attic bathroom is a really challenging task. Sloping ceilings limit the placement of equipment and any hasty decision can hardly be corrected later. Let's talk about a few principles and useful tips for a bathroom in the attic.

Bathtub under a sloping ceiling

You can place the bathtub where the angle of the roof slope allows. If you have a roof window, it is ideal to place the bathtub right under it for better ventilation. If you're dealing with a tight and confined space in a small bathroom, Avocado concept will make things easier for you. The Avocado bathtub together with the washbasin placed above the narrowed part creates a perfect harmony of shapes, which you will appreciate in everyday use.

In a more spacious bathroom, you can afford to install a larger NewDay or Gentiana corner bathtub or an asymmetric LoveStory II bathtub. If the slope is too low, you can position the bathtub further into the space. The area behind the bathtub can then serve as effective storage space for cosmetics, candles, or even a glass of champagne.

The generous attic space will gain a fairy-tale charm with a  freestanding bathtub , which can be placed in the middle of the room as a luxurious dominant feature.

Avocado bathtub The comfortable yet very compact Avocado bathtub with a practical washbasin is suitable even for the smallest bathrooms.
Chrome Slim bathtub Rectangular Chrome Slim bathtub complemented by a CVS2 bathtub screen.

Shower enclosure only where the ceiling height allows

Plan the shower area next to a straight wall, preferably with a ceiling height of around 2 meters. If height constraints are a concern, we recommend choosing barrier-free showers from our Walk-In range. These showers do not require a shower tray, saving a few centimetres in height. Additionally, consider incorporating a practical shower channel or embedding the shower tray. To choose shower enclosures for atypical spaces, use our configurator.

Pivot PDOP1 shower cubicle The Pivot PDOP1 shower enclosure with an embedded Perseus Pro Flat shower tray offers an elegant barrier-free solution.

Bathtub with shower screen for both bathing and showering

This combination can solve the dilemma for you, whether to opt for a bathtub or a shower enclosure. It ensures full bathing and showering in one, in case you do not have enough space for the installation of both a bathtub and a separate shower enclosure. In such a case, we recommend considering our bathtubs complemented with a screen.

Unifying your style with washbasins and furniture

In the wide range of RAVAK washbasins , you will surely find the ideal model for your attic bathroom. One space-saving option is the 10° corner washbasin with a cabinet sloped at the same angle. Thanks to the slight slope, it offers greater comfort when washing, as there is more space and you don't need to press your shoulder against the wall. If the walls are not exactly at a right angle, we recommend choosing a washbasin on a countertop, which you can easily adjust in size as needed. You can also install a deck-mounted tap on the countertop, in the place that suits you best. Countertops under the washbasin and RAVAK bathroom furniture are treated with a special deep impregnation to make them resistant to moisture. This ensures that the furniture resists even in the extremely humid environment of the bathroom. When it comes to the mirror, we recommend placing it near the washbasin. The larger the mirror, the better, as it will visually enlarge your attic bathroom. The area where the ceiling slope is the lowest provides an ideal space for additional storage, such as a laundry basket, a front-loading washing machine, and a dryer.

corner sink 10° The slight rotation into the space provides much greater user comfort with the 10° corner washbasin.
Classic II bathroom furniture Classic II bathroom furniture complemented by a frameless Luna mirror.

Toilet and bidet

The slope in the area where you install the toilet or bidet should not be less than 1 meter above the seating area. Wall-mounted toilets and bidets are becoming increasingly popular due to their design and practical bathroom maintenance. They are installed using concealed installation systems , which ensure safe and sturdy installation. The toilet flushing mechanism is hidden in the wall. If the ceiling in the given place is very low, this part can be separated with plasterboard and a  concealed installation system designed for plasterboard can be installed.

Last, but not least

The attic presents a unique opportunity to design a cozy and practical bathroom with an emphasis on architecture. Its atypical space is ideal for a minimalist design that emphasizes ample storage, ensuring functionality, style, and easy maintenance. If you are not confident about planning the setup by yourself, we recommend you to contact a professional designer. And as a reminder: The construction of a bathroom in the attic must be carried out according to the principles of the building law .

We wish you success with your project and may your attic bathroom be a daily source of joy for you for many years to come.

How to choose a shower tray

How to choose a shower tray

The choice of a shower enclosure is closely related to the selection of the ideal shower tray. Installing a shower tray is a suitable solution wherever you cannot or do not want to structurally interfere with the floor, for example, in a panel apartment. Your choice should take into account the expectations and needs of the entire household, for example if you have small children, bathe pets, or occasionally soak laundry. If you choose the right shape, material, and method of installation, you will be satisfied in the long term. And there will be no more floods in your bathroom.

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

Renovating or setting up a new bathroom should be an enjoyable phase of life where you can fulfill your dreams of creating a new and better living space. The following lines will provide inspiration and useful tips for making fundamental decisions, such as selecting a bathtub. If you carefully consider everything, you will be satisfied with today's decision even years from now, every time you enter your bathroom.