Vanda II Bathtub

Rest your arms on the armrests and put your worries aside. This is Vanda II. A bathtub that meets all demands on luxurious relaxation.


Vanda Il Bathtub 160x70

Technical description

  • dimensions: 160 x 70 cm
  • material: cast acrylic
  • reinforcement: LA - fiberglass
  • volume: 180 l
  • bath screen: VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, BVS1, BVS2, CVS2, AVDP3
  • warranty: 10 years - The condition of the warranty is the use of the original RAVAK support (legs) for the given type of bathtub in accordance with the installation instructions!

  • accessories to buy: front and side panel, bathtub waste set

Accessories (support, bathtub waste set) can be bought for the bathtub, as well as practical complements – front and side panel, universal stainless steel handle, VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, NVS1, BVS1, BVS2, CVS2 bath screen, or AVDP3 bath door.

Ideal shape for 100% relaxation

The internal division of this bathtub is really smart. Armrests allow your shoulders to relax and will please all who love reading. In addition, they provide support when getting up. The slope of the back part is perfect for your back. The form of the head area allows your neck to rest and serves as a headrest.
Ideal shape for 100% relaxation

The screen will turn the bathtub into a shower

The bathtub has a flat bottom and straight vertical side walls. This is the ideal combination for safe showering. All that remains is to complement the bathtub with one of our screens to make sure that water doesn't splash out during your shower.
The screen will turn the bathtub into a shower

Covered in a few minutes

The bathtub is designed to be covered, whether with a panel or tiles. Do you prefer a quick and simple solution? Choose MDF or acrylic panels. Installation takes only a few minutes and the space under the bathtub will still be easily accessible.
Covered in a few minutes

Highest quality material

We only use the highest quality cast acrylic, which guarantees scratch resistance, colour fastness and chemical resistance. This glossy and non-porous surface is easy to clean and has antibacterial properties.
Highest quality material

30-year warranty

We stand behind the quality of our bathtubs. That’s why your bathtub comes with an extended thirty-year warranty.
30-year warranty


Product No.










Packaging length

162 cm

Packaging width

72 cm

Packaging height

50 cm


23,4 kg

Bath screen option




Warranty (in months)


Technical drawing