RAVAK Cleaner

RAVAK Cleaner - cleaning agent designed to remove grease, water deposits, and grime from various surfaces and joints in the bathroom.

RAVAK Cleaner (500 ml)

Technical description

  • volume: 500 ml
  • purpose: for grease, water deposits and bathroom grout
  • use: Use without restrictions as part of regular daily maintenance.

RAVAK Cleaner is primarily intended for acrylic bathtubs, trays and shower enclosure panels, but also for taps, bathroom furniture and ceramic tiles.

Always read the information on the packaging and the attached information about the product before use.


Best care directly from the manufacturer

For the best care of your bathroom, we have developed our own range of professional cleaning products. Our products gently but effectively clean all sanitary equipment, remove limescale from taps, wash and polish glass, and unclog waste traps and drains. With our products, you can be sure that your bathroom will shine with cleanliness and the equipment will not get damaged.
Best care directly from the manufacturer

Effective and risk-free

Common cleaning products often contain aggressive substances, such as chlorine, which can damage bathroom equipment. Therefore, we recommend using professional products specifically made for bathroom equipment. We regularly test all products from our range of cleaning products, so we can fully guarantee that your bathroom will remain clean and in a perfect condition.
Effective and risk-free

Glass care

Shower enclosures and bath screens are equipped with a unique protective layer RAVAK AntiCalc®, which ensures that dirt and limescale do not build up on the glass. To maintain this invisible shield over time, it is necessary to regularly treat the glass with RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner, once every two to six months, depending on the hardness of the water.
Glass care


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