Chrome Bathtub

Chrome bathtub is a beautiful and versatile rectangular bathtub that easily fits into any bathroom.


Chrome Bathtub 150x70

Technical description

  • dimensions: 150 x 70 cm
  • material: cast acrylic
  • reinforcement: LA - fiberglass
  • volume: 185 l
  • bath screen: CVS2, VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, BVS1, BVS2
  • accessories to buy: support, front and side panel, bath waste set

The bathtub can be supplemented with a bath screen VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, NVS1, BVS1, BVS2, CVS2. As accessories, you can buy a front panel, side panel and a bath waste set or a universal stainless steel handle. The bathtub is reinforced with fiberglass (LA). It is a part of the Chrome concept - the widest concept on the market, which includes equipment for the entire bathroom refined down to the smallest detail.

Versatile and thoughtful

Studio Nosal Design created this bathtub with an emphasis on function and aesthetics. Chrome is a combination of an oval, which is set inside a rectangle. The curves of the bathtub are pleasant to look at. The large slope of the back part ensures comfort during bathing.
Versatile and thoughtful

The screen will turn the bathtub into a shower

The bathtub has a flat bottom and straight vertical side walls. This is the ideal combination for safe showering. All that remains is to complement the bathtub with one of our screens to make sure that water doesn't not splash out during your shower.
The screen will turn the bathtub into a shower

Covered in a few minutes

The bathtub is designed to be covered, whether with a panel or tiles. Do you prefer a quick and simple solution? Choose MDF or acrylic panels. Installation takes only a few minutes and the space under the bathtub will still be easily accessible.
Covered in a few minutes

Tap with a smart switch

The bathtub forms a complete set with the Chrome tap, which works efficiently with space. In the basic position, the spout is under the body of the tap - and that is the shower mode. By turning the spout towards the interior of the bathtub, it switches to bathtub mode - and the water flow starts. The unique switching system remains hidden inside.
Tap with a smart switch

Design for the entire bathroom

Need to fully equip the entire bathroom and toilet room? The Chrome concept includes more than 250 matching products. From the shower enclosure to the bathtub or washbasin, from the tap to the towel hook. Choose anything. It will match.
Design for the entire bathroom

Highest quality material

We only use the highest quality cast acrylic, which guarantees scratch resistance, colour fastness and chemical resistance. This glossy and non-porous surface is easy to clean and has antibacterial properties.
Highest quality material

30-year warranty

We stand behind the quality of our bathtubs. That’s why your bathtub comes with an extended thirty-year warranty.
30-year warranty


Product No.










Packaging length

151 cm

Packaging width

70 cm

Packaging height

50 cm


20,5 kg

Bath screen option




Warranty (in months)


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