Conditions for applying the lifetime warranty on RAVAK bathtubs

As part of the lifetime warranty, your bathtub will be repaired, or in case of an irreparable defect, replaced. This applies regardless of the number of claims made to remove defects of the purchased bathtub during the lifetime warranty.

The lifetime warranty on RAVAK acrylic bathtubs applies only to:

• buyers who have registered the purchase of the bathtub on the website
• new (unused) bathtubs purchased from dealers or e-shops selling RAVAK products or directly from the manufacturer RAVAK a.s.
• the bathtub itself without any additional accessories such as bathtub drain sets, panels, bathtub supports, etc.
• bathtubs installed in accordance with the instructions provided in the RAVAK installation manual
• bathtubs installed on the original RAVAK support
• bathtubs maintained and cleaned by methods recommended by the manufacturer provided in the installation manual, which is supplied with the product
• material defects and manufacturing defects.

The lifetime warranty on RAVAK acrylic bathtubs does not apply to:

• defects caused by unprofessional installation of the product (installation carried out in contradiction with the instructions provided in the installation manual and construction readiness)
• defects caused by improper use of the product or its improper maintenance, especially bathing animals
• wear and tear of the product caused by its usual use
• mechanical damage to the product
• repairs of the product carried out by grinding or sealing outside the scope of the Lifetime Warranty
• defects caused by force majeure (e.g. fire, earthquake and other natural disasters)
• defects caused by using the product outside the bathroom in incorrect or extreme conditions (e.g. outdoors, etc.)
• products purchased in the RAVAK sale

Who can claim the lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty can only be claimed by the buyer, as a natural person, for the duration of their life. The lifetime warranty expires with the change of ownership of the purchased bathtub from the buyer to a third party.

Complaint resolution

In case the product, for which the buyer claims the Lifetime Warranty, is no longer manufactured by the manufacturer, the product will be replaced by a product that most closely matches the purchased bathtub, in agreement with the buyer. The price difference arising in case the new-replaced product is more expensive than the original product to which the Lifetime Warranty applies, is paid by the buyer. Any additional costs associated with the installation of the replaced product are paid by the buyer. Additional costs associated with installation are primarily considered to be costs for transport, installation material and the work of RAVAK, a.s. service technicians. The bathtub must be removable without demolition work. The costs of any construction and masonry work are paid by the buyer. The buyer claims the Lifetime Warranty for the product from RAVAK, a.s.

Warranty period valid for the Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty begins to run from the day the purchased bathtub is registered by the buyer on (if the registration is made within 60 days of the purchase of the product).

If all the conditions defined in this document for the provision of the Lifetime Warranty are not met, the buyer is provided with an extended warranty or the standard legal period defined in the warranty card.

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