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Chrome Concept

We present the largest bathroom concept on the Czech market. It is well-thought-out to the very last detail and creates a harmonious design unit. It comprises a bathtub, bathtub ...

LoveStory II Bathtub

The story of love, passion and harmony with the popular LoveStory bathtub continues. We bring out a new LoveStory II bathtub, which directly follows one of our best known ...


Hints and Tips

Shower Doors

If you are choosing a shower door into your shower enclosure right now, then the following text is intended for you.

Solutions for Niches

Utilizing a niche (i.e. a U-shaped space between three fully tiled walls) for showering is one of the most common and most popular options how to create a showering area.

Small Bathroom

Simply close your eyes for a while and try to imagine a hot shower or a bath full of lovely scented bubbles. Is this just a far away dream for you?

Customised Solutions for Atypical Situations

RAVAK product ranges have been shaped by many years of experience in meeting both the standard and non-standard requirements of our customers.