Classic Slim Washbasins

Classic Slim Washbasins

Uncomplicated shape, thin edges and generous storage space.

Umyvadla Classic Slim

The shapes of Classic Slim washbasins are simple and naturally fit into any modern bathroom. Their thin edges align perfectly with the cabinet. The clearly defined rectangle will complement any bathroom with taste, while the friendly rounded shapes of the inner washing area will create a pleasant experience during use.

Inspirujte se

Concept of classic elegance

Simple shapes, functional approach and clean lines. Create a harmonised bathroom interior in a single style - Classic concept style. The always-reliable rectangular bathtub with the matching washbasins, furniture and taps were made for a timeless bathroom. There is beauty in simplicity.

Choose from different sizes and variants

Are you looking for a big double washbasin? Or do you need different sizes of washbasins for two bathrooms in the same design? The washbasins from this range can satisfy all possible requirements.


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