You Duo Hydro/Air


Water and air jet massage

The entire hydromassage system is designed in such a way that it can be used by both the short and the tall. In addition, Duo implementation has hydromassage and air-massage jets installed in alternating configuration in the bath bottom, allowing you to utilise the advantages of both systems at the same time.

The bath photo is only illustrative.


Original RAVAK hydromassage systems have been designed for selected massage baths. Their equipment, functions and the placement of jets are adapted to the interior design of the massage bath so that the hydromassage system can be at its most effective and the unique properties of each massage bath are respected.

Bathtubs with Original System

The RAVAK brand

For the last century, RAVAK has been synonymous with quality and tradition in manufacturing.

Bathtubs with Original System

RAVAK hydromassage systems

RAVAK hydromassage systems correspond with specific types of baths so that they form a logical and functional whole.

Technical details

System contains:

  • 6x Midi Jet hydromassage jet
  • 10x Hydro Jet hydromassage microjet
  • 8x Air Jet air-massage jet
  • 1x underwater LED light
  • 2x safety suction
  • 1x special drain set
  • 1x electronic controls
  • water level sensor
  • water heating
  • robust self-supporting construction
  • spots for attaching panels