YOU bathtub with original hydromassage systems

In the You bathtub, the entire hydromassage system is designed so it can be used by people of a smaller height, as well as someone who is quite tall. A WarmFlow filling outlet is installed under the integrated headrest. When filling the bath, simply set the required temperature on the water tap (for example, a built-in tap) and turn on the water. Then press the respective button on the electronic control and you are ready. The water level sensor together with the electromagnetic valve fills the bath and automatically closes the water supply at the preset level. As a result, you need not think about stopping the water when filling your bathtub.

When the hydromassage is switched on, it functions as a hydromassage jet and provides warm water to the strained parts of the back.

The hydromassage jets of the You Plus Hydro/Air systems are located on the sides of the bathtub and in the foot and back areas. Air-massage jets are located on the sides of the bathtub.

In the Duo system, water flows from several jets located on the bottom of the bathtub. The very gentle stream issued by these jets massages those parts of the body which are usually left out during a standard hydromassage.