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Yard 800 Washbasin

Yard 800 ceramic washbasin

The ceramic Yard 800 washbasin, characterised by an oval shape and a recessed storage area.

Everything you need is within reach, but cleverly stored behind the washbasin’s edge. Brushes, dispensers and other small items thus vanish from view, leaving the aesthetic impression of the bathroom undisturbed. In addition, items will never fall into the washbasin.

The oval washbasin is complemented by a designer bracket in white, black or stainless steel. The bracket, faucet, waste trap and waste are all designed to create a beautiful and elegant look.

The largest wall-mounted washbasin from the Yard collection harmoniously blends rounded and straight shapes together. This makes it possible to sensitively combine the washbasin with almost any style and to be sure that the Yard will match the rest of your bathroom. It will also naturally stand out as a charismatic solitary piece.

Award for ceramic washbasins Yard:
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Technical details

  • dimensions (wxd): 80,5 x 50 x 12,5 cm
  • material: ceramics
  • overflow: NO
  • hole for standing taps: 35 mm
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • accessories for purchase: Yard 800 bracket, fixed washbasin waste, waste trap, faucet

The Yard 800 washbasin is made from high-quality ceramic and designed to be installed on the Yard 800 bracket; it cannot be mounted directly onto a wall. The washbasin must be combined with a fixed washbasin waste to prevent overflow.

5-year Warranty
Yard 800 Washbasin

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XJX01280002 805 x 500 x 125 Washbasin Yard 800 ceramic
X01778 575 x 380 x 70 Yard 800 bracket, white
X01783 Yard 800 bracket, black
X01788 Yard 800 bracket, steinless steel