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Uni Chrome RimOff Toilet

Uni Chrome RimOff Toilet

Technology Which Keeps the Toilet Truly Clean

Uni Chrome RimOff toilets completely lack the flushing rim which would otherwise serve as a place where dirt may potentially gather. Without the flushing rim inside the toilet bowl, there are no inaccessible places, the bowl is perfectly smooth, clear and dirt has no place to hide. The special construction of the toilet allows precise washing with only a stream of water without the need for additional cleaning. Ideal solution for those who value absolute cleanliness, hygiene and easy maintenance. The aesthetics of these toilets were developed in such a way that they combine perfectly with the broad bathroom concept Chrome which covers all equipment for the bathroom. Thanks to its wall-mounted installation, Uni Chrome RimOff simplifies cleaning the bathroom or toilet floor. Mounting points on the toilet bowl are hidden so as not to disturb its clean and solid design. No edges or curves where dirt might stick.


The clean solution of Chrome WC consists in a simple style without redundant disturbing details and in a tested and effective flush system for the bowl. Thanks to wall mounting the Chrome WC facilitates cleaning of the toilet or bathroom floor. The assembly points on the WC bowl are hidden in order not to disturb its clean and homogeneous appearance. The suspended Chrome WC is equipped with a matching WC seat with the SoftClose practical slow-down system for putting the seat down.

Bathroom Concept Extended to Perfection
The design of Chrome WC is linked to the broad bathroom concept allowing for keeping the same style in bathrooms combined with a toilet. The design is at the same time so modern and universal that it can be successfully applied in any contemporary bathroom.

No Visible Bolts, No Inaccessible Corners
The overall clean design is not disturbed, cleaning is facilitated and inaccessible places are minimised on the outside of the toilet bowl where dirt accumulates over time.

All for Simple Maintenance
The suspended toilet bowl system facilitates floor cleaning in the WC or bathroom and the tested system of the bowl flushing through a collar with openings will distribute the flush water wherever it is needed. Thus the bowl will remain clean, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 360 x 510 x 350 mm (w/d/h)
  • clip system - detachable seat
  • precise manufacturing - glaze without the need for additional surface finishing
  • solid material - monolithic, easy-to-maintain, hygienic material
  • compact look - no edges or curves where dirt might stick
  • a seat is not included in the toilet and must be bought separately
  • Warranty: 10 years

Quality ceramic material in fresh and well thought-out design for every day.
We recommend complementing this product with toilet seat Uni Chrome or Uni Chrome Slim fitted with soft close system.
For a complete and uniform solution of your toilet, you can buy additional extras from the Chrome concept.

RAVAK recommends:

  • consult your plumber (supplier) regarding suitable combinations of toilet cistern (installation module) and hanging RimOff-type toilet
  • an incorrect combination may affect the flushing dynamics, potentially leading to overfilling the toilet bowl
  • we recommend using toilets with RimOff technology in combination with a RAVAK module or with modules where the flushing amount is adjusted to 4.5 l of water
10-year warrantyConcepts
Uni Chrome RimOff Toilet

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01535 360 x 510 x 350 WC Uni Chrome RimOff white
X01549 360 x 445 x 40 Toilet seat Uni Chrome 02A white
X01550 358 x 453 x 51 Toilet seat Uni Chrome Slim white