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Waterfall bath filling unit

Waterfall – Rosa bathtub pillar tap

RS 025.00
It will refresh your senses and originally combine practical functionality with aesthetic value. The bathtub is filling - watch its refreshing stream merge with the perfect beauty of the tap and its fall on the surface with a vitalizing energy.



Revitalise your senses by filling your bathtub from a tap on a stand in the style of a waterfall. This original combination of practical function with added aesthetic value will make your bathtub waterfall a unique experience. Watch as the refreshing stream of water fills the bathtub and be reinvigorated by the beautiful perfection of the metal fixture married with the fall of water.

Waterfalls/Bathtub Tap Stands

Unique experience

The visual and auditory sensation of filling the bathtub with a waterfall tap combine to form a unique experience that you will always look forward to.

Waterfalls/Bathtub Tap Stands

Coordinated design

You can choose the tap stand according to the design of your bathtub, whether naturally rounded or minimalist. The bathtub tap stand will always be an experience and will not affect the ceramic wall tiling.

Waterfalls/Bathtub Tap Stands

Switching from bathing to showering

You like filling the bathtub with the waterfall but do not want to skip showering? You don't have to! The bathtub waterfall is provided with a diverter that allows you to shower.

Technical details

  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 40 mm, ceramic
  • Design: Bathtub/shower diverter; with a set (180 cm long shower hose; stainless steel design)
  • Tap guarantee: Five years
  • Suitable: Gentiana, NewDay, Rosa II, Rosa 95, LoveStory II, Asymmetric, Formy 01, Formy 01 Slim, City, City Slim, Freedom W

To create a compact, harmonious bathroom design, we recommend combining the Rosa tap with the other Rosa products and RAVAK accessories. We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

When installing the products, ensure future access to the faucets so that they can be serviced.

5-year WarrantyEasyClean (Shower Heads)Ravak Cleaner ChromeSoftMove
Waterfall bath filling unit

Price list

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X07P003 RS 025.00 Bathtub filling waterfall