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Washing your hands can be like visiting an art gallery

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Avocado washbasins

Elegant and practical

The shape of the Avocado washbasin was inspired by nature and thus creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere in the bathroom. The atmosphere is further supported by the harmonious design of the washbasin and the bathtub.

Avocado Washbasins

Friendly shapes

Thanks to the omission of sharp edges and disturbing details, the oval lines of the washbasin refine the bathroom interior.

Avocado Washbasins

Generous storage surfaces

Although the washbasin is designed for smaller bathrooms, it offers much-needed storage space, without compromising on the washing area.

Avocado Washbasins

Left and right variants

You can make best use of the Avocado washbasin when you place it above the bathtub, but it will also fit in a corner of your bathroom. It comes in left or right variants for both of these purposes.