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BeHappy washbasin

BeHappy washbasin

Cleverly designed. Put it above the bathtub and get more of the necessary space in a small bathroom. It also allows separate installation. Created in synergy with a bathtub of the same concept.

Series BeHappy

Smart design

Even a small bathroom has lots of usable space. This is also the idea behind the BeHappy washbasin, allowing you to install it easily both in the corner of your bathroom and over the leg space of your bathtub.

BeHappy Washbasins

Part of a concept

We also recommend choosing a bathtub of the same collection to create the required symmetry with the BeHappy washbasin. The BeHappy concept is based on the idea of layering when the washbasin can be suspended in the corner over the bathtub without limiting access to the bathtub in any way.

BeHappy Washbasins

Creative design

The washbasin and the bathtub were designed by the Nosal Design Studio, which is known for its practical and innovative design. The BeHappy washbasin is the best example of this.

BeHappy Washbasins

Comfortable use

The designer came up with the shape of the washbasin in a confined space for comfortable washing without filling more than the minimum necessary space.

Technical details

  • Dimensions (W x H): 57 x 50 cm
  • Material: Composite – cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • Type: Left-handed and right-handed (L/R)
  • Overflow drain: Yes
  • Hole for a pillar tap: 35 mm
  • Under-basin cabinet: No
  • Accessories: Low waste plug, waste traps

To create a compact bathroom design, we recommend combining the washbasin with other products from the BeHappy concept (BeHappy bathtub, RAVAK pillar tap, waste plug and other RAVAK products). A mounting set (plugs, screws, etc.) and an overflow cap are included.

BeHappy washbasin

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XJAL1100000 570 x 550 #N/A