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W SET-100 Wall/Corner

W SET-100 for Walk-In Wall, Corner enclosures

The set of metal strut and support safely holds large glass surfaces in place and ensures stability of the whole Walk-In Wall 100 and 120 and others.


The complete products of Brilliant and Walk-In series consist of two separate items!

It is necessary to purchase separately glass panels of a shower enclosure, a shower door or a fixed wall of the Brilliant series, as well as the metal parts, the so-called B SET. B SET includes grips, hinges, a handle, an installation kit and, for selected sets, also Brilliant brackets. The short or long glass bracket can be purchased separately for smaller dimensions of the shower enclosures.

To purchase a complete product of Walk-In series, you need to purchase Walk-In fixed glass walls in one package, as well as metal struts to ensure the stability of the whole enclosure in the second package, the so-called W SET. W SET contains metal struts and supports.

Other design options, not just Walk-In products, can be ordered via the on-line configurator of customized solutions -, where you choose the desired design (type, width, height).

Technical details

The set of metal parts for Walk-In Wall shower enclosures, where they define an entrance width of 100 cm.
W SET includes:

  • strut - 1 pc
  • support - 1 pc
  • installation kit

The stability of the enclosure is provided by a support and a metal strut consisting of two chrome-plated end pieces (wall + panel) and is connected by an aluminium profile with bright alu or black finish.

5-year Warranty
W SET-100 Wall/Corner

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
GWD01000A095 W SET-100 Wall/Corner
GWD010003019 W SET-100 Wall/Corner black
GWD01000E002 W SET-100 Wall/Corner white matt