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Universal legs for shower trays

Universal base legs

Used for levelling of the shower tray. The shower tray can be easily underpinned or tiled.


The legs are used for levelling shower trays and can be walled-in and tiled easily.

For every RAVAK shower tray model
The legs are precisely designed for a specific type and material of shower tray, thus ensuring perfect stability.

Well designed
The development of shower trays legs goes hand in hand with the creation of specific shower tray models to ensure the logical and functional consistency of these products.

High quality
Shower tray legs are manufactured to withstand everyday loads.

All systems for installing RAVAK shower trays are designed to be simple and reliable.

Technical details

  • Application: 600 for LA 80 shower trays, 650 for LA 90 shower trays, 750 for LA 100 shower trays
  • Suitable for the following series: Kaskada, Galaxy

The universal base legs are used to level the shower tray, which can be underpinned and tiled easily. The universal shower tray legs are suitable for the LA-type Kaskada and Galaxy tray series.

2-year Warranty
Universal legs for shower trays

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
B2F0000001 (For shower trays 80) Universal Base 600 for tray LA-80
B2F0000002 (For shower trays 90) Universal Base 650 for tray LA-90
B2F0000003 (For shower trays 100) Universal Base 750 for tray LA-100

Optional accessories