Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Uni and Uni Slim ceramic washbasins

Harmonizing element for every interior

Washbasins from the Uni line are characteristic by their round outlines and light, airy style, contributing to a calming atmosphere in the bathroom.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim

Thin-walled design and well-known classics

Fine, precisely defined edges lend a subtle look and freshness to the bathroom, while classic designs reference the time-tested tradition of ceramic products and never disappoint. Choose the one that fits your style just right.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim

The circle never gets old

Proponents of finely tuned design will be delighted by washbasins in combination with white ceramic drain covers, which lend the washbasin a seamlessly elegant look.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim

Tabletop or cabinet-mounted

UNI washbasins can be placed both on a table top or on universal cabinet SUD 260.01, which complements the storage space around the washbasin with a wide drawer underneath. The cabinet's finer details such as rounded edges and elegant aluminium strip make the cabinet - washbasin combination a striking landmark of the bathroom.