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Termo 300 thermostatic wall-mounted bath tap

Termo 300 thermostatic wall-mounted bath tap

TE 023.00/150 For stable water temperature. Immediately equalizes pressure and temperature fluctuations in the pipes, making sure the water is as hot as you wish. Everyone who ever tries a thermostatic tap will never want another.

Series Thermo

Never any other way but this

No more fluctuating between hot and cold water, an end to the unpleasantness of water being too hot or cold when you start showering or fluctuations in water temperature in the course of bathing. Thermostatic taps are able to balance pipeline water pressure and temperature to guarantee hot water at the temperature you wish immediately after turning the tap.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Safe even for children

A lock button on the thermostatic head limits the temperature of the instant flow of water to a maximum of 38 °C. Handling of the lock button is too difficult for children, and so the risk of scalding is eliminated.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Save water and energy

The required temperature is set automatically and with minimum delay. Thus the thermostat limits the quantity of water that is wasted caused by waiting for the required temperature.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Prevents unwanted changes in water temperature

The thermostatic taps are not controlled by a lever but by special control heads that are secured against unwanted movement. So inadvertently hitting the lever during showering and making the water too hot or too cold is no longer possible. Increasing the temperature above 38 °C is simple and can be done at any time by pressing the lock button.

Technical details

  • Tap span: 150 mm
  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic, thermostatic for water temperature regulation
  • Temperature controls on the left – CoolFeel
  • Tap warranty: Five years
  • Suitable: For all RAVAK baths – for constant water temperature when running a bath or showering

The thermostatic shower tap can be combined with other RAVAK products. We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

5-year Warranty150 mm GaugeRavak Cleaner ChromeConstant TemperatureFastReactionScald ProtectionCoolFeelSavingsMetal Design
Termo 300 thermostatic wall-mounted bath tap

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070097 TE 023.00/150 Thermostatic bath Termo 300