SPORT PLUS HYDRO/AIR massage system

the system contains:
4x hydro-massage Super Jet
7x hydro-massage Micro Jet
1x safety intake
16x air-massage Air Jet
electronic control combined with air flow regulators
hydro system pulse
regulation of the Air system
automatic drying of the Air system
water level sensor
robust self-standing structure
prepared for fixing of panels Price 67,950.00 The price of the system is in CZK including VAT. Delivery time is 21 days. Layout of controls and jets of the massage system may vary according to type of bathtub. For an additional fee, the massage system may be equipped with optional features: ozonation, disinfection, chromotherapy or water heating. To select a hydromassage bathtub and accessories, you can use the Guide to selecting a hydromassage system.


RAVAK massage systems are divided into six groups: ACTIV, MISTRAL, SPORT, SPORT PLUS, EXTRA FLAT and EXTRA FLAT PLUS. They differ primarily in output and the number of hydromassage units, controls, as well as the design and configuration of jets.

RAVAK Hydromassage Systems

The RAVAK brand

For the last century, RAVAK has been synonymous with quality and tradition in manufacturing.

RAVAK Hydromassage Systems

RAVAK hydromassage systems

RAVAK hydromassage systems correspond with specific types of baths so that they form a logical and functional whole.