Solutions for atypical situations – non-standard products

Do you have a non-standard bathroom and need to create a showering space?

The most frequently requested non-standard products include:

  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower doors
  • Bathtub screens
  • Bathtub doors

These are mainly for attic rooms where you need to customise products to fit beneath the eaves.

Do you need to modify the height or width of a shower enclosure because it doesn't fit in your bathroom? Try our new configurator for non-standard solutions.

For an online guide, visit You can create a product made especially for your bathroom (shower enclosure, shower door, fixed wall and bathtub screen/door) in just a few steps. The application lets you model your preferred solution step-by-step according to shape, size, frame/hinge colour and panel. You can then comfortably send the defined product including its calculated price as an order and our staff will contact you promptly.

However, if you need to resolve low eaves, recesses, non-standard curves, wheelchair access and similar, contact us at