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Solo washbasin

Solo washbasin

It offers a large washing area, appearance based on an unusual combination of lines and round shapes, and the modern material of the Solo washbasin provides a long-term stable appearance and functionality. In the bathroom, it will perfectly complement the free standing Solo bathtub.

Award Solo

Series Solo

Proven shapes of rectangle and oval for new bathroom aesthetics

A washbasin that combines proven shapes of rectangle and oval for new bathroom aesthetics. Possibility to combine even with the free standing Solo bathtub.

Umyvadla Solo

Solo set design

The washbasin forms a pair with a free standing bathtub of the same shape, which is typical of its visual anchorage on a rectangular base unfolded upward to the rim in the rounded curves.

Umyvadla Solo

Possibility of combinations

The Solo washbasin provides an invaluable opportunity to play with space and meet the needs of its users. It is suitable for a bathroom for one person, but it is possible to use two side by side on two tables, and also the stylishly matched bathtub can seat two bathers. From a wide range of water taps, you can easily choose the matching shape and practical height.

Umyvadla Solo

Modern material

Cast marble makes it possible to achieve precisely worked shapes and perfectly flat surfaces, is durable, compact and very solid. It is ideal for production of washbasins.

Award Solo

Technical details

  • dimensions (W x D x H): 580 x 400 x 140 mm
  • material: composite - cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • overflow: no
  • opening for standing water tap: no
  • table under washbasin: yes
  • warranty: 5 years
  • accessories: washbasin fixed waste plug, chrome siphon, water tap, sinks, tables under washbasin, bathroom accessories

Installation of the Solo washbasin is carried out on the table under the washbasin or on the SUD 260.01 cabinet under the washbasin. It cannot hang on the wall separately. The washbasin is without overflow and it is necessary to use a fixed washbasin waste plug. For the Solo washbasin, we recommend installing an extra extended washbasin Chrome CR 015.00 standing water tap on a table of a height of 311 mm or an extra extended washbasin 10° TD 015.00 standing water tap of a height of 334 mm.

5-year Warranty
Solo washbasin

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XJX01358000 580 x 400 x 140 Washbasin SOLO 580
X01439 Washbasin plug fixed chrome
X01371 Washbasin siphon chrome
X01612 Furniture washbasin siphon

Optional accessories