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Siphon reduction

Siphon reduction

It connects the siphon with sewer pipes of different sizes.


Without a waste trap, no shower tray could fulfil its purpose and drain water away during showering. Because a shower tray is a built-in part of a bathroom, only choose drains that are made of the highest quality materials which will truly last.

RAVAK Basic, Standard and Professional shower tray waste traps have a diameter of 90 mm and a drainage flow rate of 30 litres per minute. This facilitates their use in shower enclosures with a hydromassage panel. All RAVAK shower tray waste traps can be cleaned from the outside, which is a prerequisite for their use with shower trays installed in a "fixed" manner. Standard and Professional waste traps differ in the type of material used for the waste trap cap. The Professional waste trap is equipped with a metal cap, while the Standard waste trap has a metal-plated plastic cap. We recommend these waste traps for Galaxy Pro shower trays. For deep-seated Sabina shower trays, we offer the Sabina waste trap with a 52 mm diameter opening for the waste trap and overflow. The shower tray can be drained using the ClickClack system (pressing the waste trap stops drainage and pressing it again starts drainage).

Adequate drainage volume
RAVAK waste traps are able to drain a minimum of 30 litres of water per minute, which means they are able to handle a shower enclosure equipped with a hydromassage panel.

Easy to clean
Easy access and the ability to clean the waste trap are essential for your peace of mind and long-term confidence. You needn't live in fear that the waste trap will clog and you will be forced to find a plumber.

For every RAVAK shower tray model
RAVAK waste traps are available in three types to cover each shower tray model.

Technical details

  • diameter: 40/50
  • material: plastic
  • colour: white

Siphon reduction reduces dimensional differences between 40 mm and 50 mm diameters.
Suitable for all RAVAK siphons. We recommend using the RAVAK TurboCleaner to clean and disinfect siphons and sewer pipes.

2-year Warranty
Siphon reduction

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01304 Siphon reduction 40, 50 mm