Perseus shower tray

Square acrylic shower tray

Extra shallow for perfect aesthetic impression of the bathroom. High-quality acrylic with long life.

Series Galaxy

They are extra shallow and simply beautiful. Their modern and elegant design enhances the appearance of each shower enclosure.

Galaxy Shower Trays


They can be installed on legs or sunk into the floor (LA type), encased in ceramic tiles (EX type) or are self-supporting with a panel and reinforced with a polyurethane support for different uses (PAN and PP types).

Galaxy Shower Trays


Galaxy shower trays are made of a special material with antibacterial properties to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and yeasts.

Galaxy Shower Trays


Their flat design accentuates the pure appearance of the shower enclosure. Moreover, when sunk into the floor they create an ideal barrier-free solution.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 80, 90, 100 cm
  • Material: LA – fibreglass, EX, PP – polyurethane foam with glass fibre
  • Type LA: For installation on legs (Base) or underpinning
  • Type EX: Self-supporting for tile application – the front side can be tiled with ceramic tiles
  • Type PP: Self-supporting, with a removable, separately ordered panel
  • Tray depth: 5 cm
  • Mounting height: type LA: 8,5-12 cm; type EX and type PP: 17,5 cm
  • Waste trap diameter: 9 cm

If you use the PP-type tray in a recess, use SET N, if you use it in a corner, use SET L. The Angela tray is suitable for the SRV2-S+SRV2-S, ASRV3+ASRV3, BLRV2K+BLRV2K, SMSRV4, BSRV4, BSDPS, 10RV2, 10RV2K+10RV2K shower enclosures and the ASDP3, SDZ3, SDOP, BLDP2, PDOP1, PDOP2, SMSD2, BSD2, 10DP2(+10PS). shower cubicles created by doors.

2-year WarrantyShower Tray Depth 50 mmAntibac®Waste Trap Diameter: 90 mm
Perseus shower tray

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
A024401210 800 x 800 Tray PERSEUS-80 LA white
A024401310 Tray PERSEUS-80 EX white
A024401510 Tray PERSEUS-80 PP white
A824401010 Frontal panel PERSEUS-80 SET L white
A824001010 800 Frontal panel PERSEUS-80 SET N white
A027701210 900 x 900 Tray PERSEUS-90 LA white
A027701310 Tray PERSEUS-90 EX white
A027701510 Tray PERSEUS-90 PP white
A827701010 Frontal panel PERSEUS-90 SET L white
A827001010 900 Frontal panel PERSEUS-90 SET N white
A02AA01210 1000 x 1000 Tray PERSEUS-100 LA white
A02AA01310 Tray PERSEUS-100 EX white
A02AA01510 Tray PERSEUS-100 PP white
A82AA01010 Frontal panel PERSEUS-100 SET L white
A82A001010 1000 Frontal panel PERSEUS-100 SET N white
A000000004 Universal mounting kit for shower trays
B2F0000001 (For shower trays 80) Universal Base 600 for tray LA-80
B2F0000002 (For shower trays 90) Universal Base 650 for tray LA-90
B2F0000003 (For shower trays 100) Universal Base 750 for tray LA-100