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Aneta shower tray

Rectangular acrylic shower tray

A shower tray for everybody, with various mounting applications. High-quality acrylic with long life.

Series Kaskada

RAVAK manufactures more than 100,000 units of the Kaskada acrylic shower tray every year and these affordable deep trays rightfully rank among the most popular in Europe. The 9 cm deep base is characterised by its cascading surface.

Kaskada Shower Trays


They have the ideal combination of high quality at an affordable price. It is one of the most popular shower trays among our customers.

Kaskada Shower Trays


They are made from a special material with antibacterial properties that prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria and yeasts.

Kaskada Shower Trays


They can be installed on legs or sunk into the floor (LA type), encased in ceramic tiles (EX type) or are self-supporting and reinforced with a polyurethane support, with the panel and tray forming an integrated unit (PU type); the support ensures that the installation is easy because no further reinforcement is necessary.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 80, 90 cm
  • Material: LA – fibreglass, EX, PU – polyurethane foam with glass fibre
  • Type LA: For installation on legs (Base) or underpinning
  • Type EX: Self-supporting for tile application – the front side can be tiled with ceramic tiles
  • Type PU: Self-supporting with a panel; the panel and the tray form an inseparable unit
  • Tray depth: 9 cm
  • Mounting height: type LA: 8,5-12 cm; type EX and type PU: 18,5 cm
  • Waste trap diameter: 9 cm

The Aneta tray is suitable for shower cubicles measuring 75 x 90 cm created by the ASRV3-75 + ASRV3-90, SRV2-S 75 + SRV2-S 90 shower enclosures or the ASDP3-90, SDZ3-90, SDOP-90, BLRV2, PDOP1-90, SMSD2-90 and BSD2-90 shower doors.

2-year WarrantyShower Tray Depth 90 mmAntibac®Waste Trap Diameter: 90 mm
Aneta shower tray

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
A003701220 755 x 905 Tray ANETA 75x90 LA-R white
A003701320 Tray ANETA 75x90 EX-R white
A003701120 Tray ANETA 75x90 PU-R white
A000000004 Universal mounting kit for shower trays
B2F0000002 (For shower trays 90) Universal Base 650 for tray LA-90