Shower enclosures and shower doors – symbols used

Glass thickness
Thickness of the glass panels used in shower enclosures and shower doors.
Glass protection
RAVAK AntiCalc® creates an invisible protective water-repelling shield on the glass panel, thus protecting the glass surface from water marks.
Silent operation
The AntiBlock mechanism prevents the sliding pieces in a shower enclosure from crossing or being jammed, thus providing smooth and silent operation of shower enclosures in the Supernova series.
10-year warranty for AntiBlock
RAVAK offers a 10-year warranty on the AntiBlock technical solution used for products in the Supernova range.
L/R variant 180°
Turn the product 180° to obtain a left-handed or right-handed variant.
Tilting door
The tilting-door mechanism in the Blix ranges makes it easier to clean the shower enclosure.
Raising mechanism
The raising mechanism used in the Elegance, SmartLine and GlassLine ranges enables the door to lock in the main position, close automatically and lift above the threshold step when being opened.
SilentRun ensures the shower enclosure operates silently.
L/R variant
The product can either be a left-handed or right-handed variant.
B SET – 30-year lifespan test
High-quality chromium-plated elements used in the products in the Brilliant range (hinges, brackets, handle, mounting kit and holders) may last up to 30 years as proven by the life-span test.
Saves space as the seat can be folded up to the wall.
Load-bearing capacity
Guaranteed seat load-bearing capacity.