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Blix BLDP2+BLPS shower enclosure

Two-part shower door with a fixed wall

Connect a shower door with a fixed wall to create a shower cubicle from 80 x 100 up to 100 x 120 cm

Series Blix

Practical and attractive

Blix shower enclosures represent the best ratio of high quality and affordability. The honest workmanship and modern design are affordable for every customer and always bring many practical benefits.

Blix Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

Pleasant operation

The sliding system of the Blix shower enclosure is very quiet and reliable because the bottom part is equipped with the SilentRun mechanism, which prevents the sliding parts from jamming or crossing. It represents a lifetime promise of trouble-free and quiet operation of your shower enclosure.

Blix Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

Easy cleaning

By gently pressing the release mechanism in the bottom part of the sliding door, the door wing can be tilted back or removed completely. Thus, there are no inaccessible places that are hard to clean. Maintenance of the shower enclosure is further simplified by the all-purpose and gentle RAVAK Cleaner, designed for all bathroom surfaces.

Blix Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

For all stages of life

Shower doors up to two-metres wide are suitable, for example, for the showering together of two loved ones, whereas quadrant shower enclosures designed mainly for smaller bathrooms and enclosures with a lower height and a suitable deep-seated shower tray are developed especially for bathing small children or the elderly. Blix shower enclosures can be with you for your entire life.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: BLDP2 100, 110, 120 cm/BLPS 80, 90, 100 cm
  • Colour: Frame – white, Alubright gloss, satinGrips in glossy aluminium
  • Safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent, Grape
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Warranty: 5 years

The product consists of a shower door and one fixed wall. It is installed in a tiled corner of the bathroom (in combination with the BLDP2 shower door) on the RAVAK PERSEUS, PERSEUS PRO, PERSEUS PRO FLAT, PERSEUS PRO CHROME, GIGANT PRO, GIGANT PRO FLAT and GIGANT PRO CHROME shower trays or directly on the floor with a built-in drain channel or floor drain. You can create a U-shaped shower enclosure by combining the door with two fixed BLPS walls. The product can be extended by 20 mm using a BLNPS extension profile. We can also supply bespoke shower doors and fixed walls.

Before installing the product, pay attention to the technical documents under the “Download” tab; the figure in the name of a particular product does not indicate its exact dimensions.

5-year WarrantyAntiCalc Glass ProtectionSilentRunTilting GlassL/R Variant 180°
Blix BLDP2+BLPS shower enclosure

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
0PVA0100Z1 970-1010x1900 Shower door BLDP2-100 white+glass Transparent
0PVA0100ZG Shower door BLDP2-100 white+glass Grape
0PVA0C00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-100 bright alu+glass Transparent
0PVA0C00ZG Shower door BLDP2-100 bright alu+glass Grape
0PVA0U00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-100 satin+glass Transparent
0PVA0U00ZG Shower door BLDP2-100 satin+glass Grape
0PVD0100Z1 1070-1110x1900 Shower door BLDP2-110 white+glass Transparent
0PVD0100ZG Shower door BLDP2-110 white+glass Grape
0PVD0C00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-110 bright alu+glass Transparent
0PVD0C00ZG Shower door BLDP2-110 bright alu+glass Grape
0PVD0U00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-110 satin+glass Transparent
0PVD0U00ZG Shower door BLDP2-110 satin+glass Grape
0PVG0100Z1 1170-1210x1900 Shower door BLDP2-120 white+glass Transparent
0PVG0100ZG Shower door BLDP2-120 white+glass Grape
0PVG0C00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-120 bright alu+glass Transparent
0PVG0C00ZG Shower door BLDP2-120 bright alu+glass Grape
0PVG0U00Z1 Shower door BLDP2-120 satin+glass Transparent
0PVG0U00ZG Shower door BLDP2-120 satin+glass Grape
9BH40100Z1 770-790x1900 BLPS-80 white+glass Transparent
9BH40100ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-80 white+glass Grape
9BH40C00Z1 BLPS-80 bright alu+glass Transparent
9BH40C00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-80 bright alu+glass Grape
9BH40U00Z1 BLPS-80 satin+glass Transparent
9BH40U00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-80 satin+glass Grape
9BH70100Z1 870-890x1900 BLPS-90 white+glass Transparent
9BH70100ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-90 white+glass Grape
9BH70C00Z1 BLPS-90 bright alu+glass Transparent
9BH70C00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-90 bright alu+glass Grape
9BH70U00Z1 BLPS-90 satin+glass Transparent
9BH70U00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-90 satin+glass Grape
9BHA0100Z1 970-990x1900 BLPS-100 white+glass Transparent
9BHA0100ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-100 white+glass Grape
9BHA0C00Z1 BLPS-100 bright alu+glass Transparent
9BHA0C00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-100 bright alu+glass Grape
9BHA0U00Z1 BLPS-100 satin+glass Transparent
9BHA0U00ZG Shower fixed wall BLPS-100 satin+glass Grape
E77880111900B Height 1900 BLNPS white
E778801U1900B BLNPS satin
E778801C1900B BLNPS bright alu