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Water taps

Shower column, adjustable

Shower column, adjustable

DS 091.00
Adjust the shower column to your height at any time to suit your current situation. The shower column allows you to adjust the height of the head shower easily and can also be swivelled to the side. You can adjust the height of the hand shower with just one hand, which means you can also do it while showering and with your eyes full of foam.


Combination of most popular showering styles

Your everyday routine will be transformed into a unique experience. The rotating overhead shower in the optimum width combined with a hand shower unite practicality, style and comfort. Dual shower systems can be equipped with thermo taps, preventing water temperature fluctuations in the course of your bathing.

Dual Shower Systems

Easy to adjust

The height of the overhead shower can be adapted even after being fitted to the wall. You can turn the overhead shower to one side as you need.

Dual Shower Systems

One-hand operation

The hand shower runner can be operated with one hand, which is extremely handy under difficult showering conditions. The runner can be released, moved and locked with one hand, leaving the other hand free for holding the hand shower and moving in a wet and slippery environment.

Dual Shower Systems

Metal runner

The hand shower runner of the RAVAK dual shower system is made of metal, not plastic. This material guarantees many years of faultless operation.

Technical details

  • adjustable head shower height: 97 – 127 cm
  • design of the head shower: round, ABS, diameter 25 cm; one water stream feature – Rain; swivels to the side
  • design of the hand shower: ABS Select, diameter 11 cm; three water stream intensity features – Rain, SoftRain, Drop; OneHand – height-adjustable slider and swivel holder
  • faucet design: CoolFeel – the temperature control on the left reduces overheating of the surface of the faucet
  • flexible PVC shower hose: length 150 cm; EasyTwix – prevents the hose from twisting and allows free rotation of the shower head
  • Tap guarantee: Five years
  • suitable for: all shower enclosures
  • accessories available for purchase: bathroom accessories

The shower column is mounted on the wall of a shower enclosure. You can adjust its height with a tightening nut – very easily done by hand at any time after assembly. A switch allows you to select between the head or hand shower. The head shower is equipped with the Rain feature, which provides a comfortable stream from all nozzles. The Select hand shower has three water intensity modes. The standard Rain mode is reminiscent of summer rain and soothes the skin. With the SoftRain function, the air flow is aerated and you enjoy a soft and soothing rain, where every drop is a source of pleasure. In the Drop mode, the water flows very gently, which is particularly useful when applying shampoo and washing your head.

The set contains segments to compensate for wall unevenness by up to 20 mm. For external cleaning we recommend using RAVAK Cleaner Chrome.

5-year WarrantyAirEasyClean (Shower Heads)EasyTwistRavak Cleaner ChromeCoolFeel
Shower column, adjustable

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X07P643 DS 091.00 Shower column, adjustable