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Rosa II Universal Support

Rosa II Universal Support

The legs are used to level out the Rosa I, Rosa II and Rosa 95 bath and their installation in accordance with the assembly manual is a prerequisite for the provision of a 10-year warranty for the RAVAK bath. The bath can then be easily bricked up or tiled.

Series Rosa II

The 10-year warranty for bath Rosa II is contingent on using original RAVAK supports (legs) in accordance with the assembly manual.

Our assortment for bath Rosa II includes front acrylic panels in white. The front panel is mounted using a Rosa universal panelkit. The panel is mounted around the bath within a few minutes and the covered space remains accessible at any time.

Technical details

The Rosa universal support is used for levelling out the bath so that it can be easily bricked up and tiled.

2-year WarrantyConcepts

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
CY55000000 Rosa II Universal Support