Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Ring bathroom furniture

Contemporary, playful and simple

A furniture set with a cast marble washbasin that complements the rest of the bathroom design, fitting absolutely anywhere. Playfully simple, contemporary look with rounded-edge detail. The bathroom furniture set is complemented by matching simple yet modern bathroom mirrors.

Ring Bathroom Furniture

Horizontal line

Ring bathroom furniture is exceptional in current production, with its horizontal orientation harmoniously winding along the bathroom walls – leaving its inside space free for users.

Ring Bathroom Furniture

Perfect harmony

The style of the bathroom cabinets is perfectly coordinated with the installation of washbasins from the same brand name, with which the cabinets make a universal ensemble independent of the style of any bathroom.

Ring Bathroom Furniture

Appealing structure

The vertically aligned cabinets are especially appealing thanks to their interior layout. There is enough space for your bathroom necessities not only in the body of the high bathroom cabinet but also in its door. Items placed in the cabinet cannot fall out due to bars of two different heights keeping both tall and small objects in place.