RAVAK technology and materials

Many years of experience in the industry, the latest technology and premium materials are a guarantee of quality beyond the highest standards.

In 2008, we opened a unique electroplating plant at our manufacturing premises in Příbram. We use this plant to finish our products and monitor quality from the beginning to the end of the production process. All surface finishing is performed on our electroplating and paint production lines.


Applying the toughest satin surface finish to the aluminium structures of shower enclosures.

Environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating of aluminium shower enclosure frames.

Pressing an acrylic mould of future bathtubs using the latest vertical heating technology.

This is a revolutionary technology that creates an invisible protective shield on the glass surface, repelling water and preventing build-up of limescale. Maintaining the glass is much easier.

Acrylic pressed parts are reinforced with a polyurethane resin containing fibreglass. The ratio of these components and also the amount of spray is controlled by computer for each individual bathtub. The advantage of using fibreglass is that it produces a high-strength, tough product.

The body of each piece of RAVAK bathroom furniture is treated with a high-quality deep conditioner, which protects against humidity. Furniture doors are also soaked and coated with two layers of primer and then covered with hard, white polyurethane paint containing a high gloss. Scratches can be sanded out. Furniture is developed to match different types of washbasins and bathtubs. Together they create an aesthetic and functional ensemble.

A unique material used in the production of shower trays and washbasins is a composite material based on ground dolomite, which excels thanks to its practical and aesthetic properties. The advantage of products such as Galaxy Pro shower trays or all RAVAK washbasins is the variety of shapes, strength, precision contours of the edges and flat surfaces.