Perseus Pro Flat shower tray

Cast marble square shower tray

A highly aesthetic accessory for your shower enclosure. A low tray with smooth bottom for easy cleaning. A high-quality composite for long life and new showering sensation.

Series Galaxy Pro flat

Low, modern and made from cast marble, making them suitable for public areas. When sunk into the floor, they create a barrier-free shower enclosure.

Galaxy Pro Flat Shower Trays


Their flat design accentuates the pure appearance of the shower enclosure.

Galaxy Pro Flat Shower Trays


The smooth surface of the base highlights the simplicity of the style and enables easy cleaning.

Galaxy Pro Flat Shower Trays

Highly durable

A balanced mixture of ground dolomite and polyester resin – cast marble – lends Galaxy Pro Flat shower trays an unparalleled durability. The cast marble shower trays are great for high-traffic areas such as sports facilities, spas, accommodation facilities and hospitals.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 80, 90 cm
  • Material: Composite – cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • Tray: For sinking into the floor (barrier-free) or floor-mounting
  • Tray + BASE: For walling and tiling
  • Tray + BASE + SET: With a front cover panel
  • Tray depth: 1.5 cm
  • Mounting height: 3 cm
  • Waste trap diameter: 9 cm
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Perseus Pro Flat tray is suitable for the SRV2-S+SRV2-S, ASRV3+ASRV3, BLRV2 80, 90, BLRV2K+BLRV2K, CRV1+CRV1, CRV2+CRV2, SMSRV4, BSRV4, BSDPS, 10RV2+10RV2, 10RV2K+10RV2K shower enclosures and shower cubicles created by shower doors ASDP3, SDZ3, SDOP, BLDP2, PDOP1, CSD1, CSD2, BSD2 und 10DP2(+10PS).

5-year WarrantyShower Tray Depth 15 mmMounting height 30 mmWaste Trap Diameter: 90 mm
Perseus Pro Flat shower tray

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XA034411010 800 x 800 Tray PERSEUS PRO-80 Flat white
XA037711010 900 x 900 Tray PERSEUS PRO-90 Flat white
XA837001010 Frontal panel PERSEUS PRO-90 SET white
A000000004 Universal mounting kit for shower trays