Uni Slim ceramic washbasins

The new Uni Slim washbasins combine all the advantages of modern washbasins. They follow the latest design trend; placing them on a table gives the owner maximum freedom to finish planning the bathroom, while their thin-walled design gives them subtle beauty combined with the integrity of traditional ceramic material. The Uni Slim washbasins are available in four shape variants, all of which follow the rules of a classic timeless aesthetic. The round shape with a diameter of 40 cm can have a modern flat bottom (Uni Slim) or a rounded bowl (Uni B Slim). Its proven size and depth also make it possible to combine two on a table for a larger family. The shape of the Uni S Slim washbasin was inspired by a square, but with its sharp edges rounded. The rectangle of the Uni R Slim washbasin offers a comfortable width and its curved shape keeps all the water inside so that the surroundings remain dry.


10° Free Tap

The 10° design by Kryštof Nosál is one of the milestones in the RAVAK range. It has won many international awards for innovative solutions and has gradually grown into a complete bathroom concept. Thanks to their great popularity among our customers, we have prepared a new version of these taps. Now the 10° series includes a tap with an authorial element on the handle and a minimalist 10° Free version without this feature. Both of them retain a gentle tilt of 10° toward the hands.


Puri tap

The minimalist style tap fits into all modern interiors. The defining element of their design is the circular profile of the cylinder, which matches well with other bathroom equipment. RAVAK’s set, which covers all the types of taps that are most commonly used in bathrooms (two types of washbasin taps, a thermostatic shower tap and a bath tap), includes a unique technical solution for bath taps. This has a special rotating cartridge inside with a bath/shower switch, so that the manufacturer was able to remove the visually disturbing switch from its usual location on the tap body. All tap operation is thus controlled by moving the lever to the right or left, as regards both temperature and use – right (shower) and left (bath).


New theme for your bathroom - use black accents

Where white colour is expected, black will catch your eye. The new shower enclosures, the screen and seats in black design add depth and attractiveness to the bathroom, as black is the queen of elegance, the basis of not only a wardrobe, but also of any modern interior. Decently used black accents on the bathroom equipment are therefore timeless and easily combinable. RAVAK now offers Walk-In shower enclosures (types of Wall, Corner, Free) with black side profiles, bars and supports to enhance elegantly the pure beauty of large areas of massive safety glass. In the Pivot shower enclosures, the black is projected on a subtle metal frame, handles and the hinge which houses the virtually indestructible rotating stainless steel pin. It provides the shower enclosure a guarantee of seamless opening. The OVO P or OVO B line folding seats with black metal frames combining with clear, milky white or orange seats are also made to be in harmony with the shower enclosure.


Blix Slim shower enclosures and doors

One of RAVAK's most successful shower enclosures has at last received a visual rejuvenation. The new slim frame delivers an esprit and energy to the Blix Slim shower enclosure, but it retains its favourite features such as a silent running system that prevents crossing and jamming of the sliding parts, or a practical door release mechanism to unlock the door for a perfect cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The Blix Slim shower enclosures are produced in a quadrant or corner designs as well as a shower door for niches.


SOLO free standing bathtub and washbasin

Another name of the new bath by the designer Kryštof Nosal could read "Solo for pure shapes" because the artist combines in his innovative way two simplest shapes - a rectangular base, adding visual stability to the bath, with an oval top that produces a pleasant soothing impression. With its minimalist look, the SOLO acrylic bath dominates the bathroom, not only due to its independence of space. Its style is in perfect harmony with the SOLO tabletop washbasin made of composite material. The bath is also suitable for bathing for two, thanks to the drain located in the middle and a gradual inclination of the back symmetrically on both sides.


Universal cabinet under table top washbasins

A design solitaire with generous shelf space. A washbasin placed on a table is the absolute trend of contemporary bathrooms. There is plenty of space available around it, as well as the ability to place the water tap according to your individual requirements. But where do you store a growing number of things in the bathroom? In the cabinet. The new all-purpose SUD cabinet designed for mounting under table top washbasins has a large, soft-close drawer and it is also highly waterproof even where it imitates walnut, oak or satin wood, in addition to the white lacquered version. Its external water resistance is complete due to a body made of deep-impregnated material, which is additionally coated with an impermeable foil on the surface. The cabinet design catches your eye at a first glance with its unusual rounded corners, not only in its front part, but also in the wall part, and with the elegant aluminium handle.


WC Classic RimOff

With technology that keeps the toilet bowl really clean and in design ideally suited to the Classic concept. The Classic RimOff toilet bowl completely lacks the flushing rim, eliminating the risk of dirt deposition. Without the flushing rim inside the toilet bowl, there are no inaccessible places, the bowl is perfectly smooth, clear and dirt has no place to hide. The special construction of the toilet bowl allows precise washing with only a stream of water without the need for additional cleaning. The Classic Rim Off toilet design is adapted to the style of the concept with the same name which includes several baths, washbasins, water taps, and bathroom furniture. You can therefore have a bathroom with toilet in matching design. The Classic RimOff toilet is interesting due to its easy-to-install click system. The toilet is just clicked on the pins in the wall, which hold it safely, and then tightened up, which no longer requires simultaneous support of the heavy massive piece of ceramics.


New table top washbasins in slim design

Table top washbasins represent the current trend of modern bathrooms. They allow countless possibilities of how to solve the table, where to place the washbasin on it, where to install the water tap ... And the design of the washbasin made of slim ceramics adds irresistible visual lightness. Slim washbasins are now offered in different shapes, whether it is a classic circle of the Uni washbasin, an oval of the Ceramic O washbasin, or a rectangle with rounded edges of the Ceramic R washbasin.