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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Luna Mirrors 500/600/700/800

Mirrors Luna

This frameless mirror offers a maximum reflecting surface. The outwardly-directed LED light evenly illuminates the interior of the bathroom, foyer and other spaces to create a cosy atmosphere. The backlighting is not overly bright and is ideal for everyday use. The round mirror model softens any sharp shapes in the interior.

Series Oblong / Strip / Luna / Orbit

Versatile and easy to combine

Apart from the bathtub or shower enclosure, the mirror is the most important element in the bathroom. Every day we perform routine hygiene and look after our beauty. The right mirror visually enlarges the interior and, when properly illuminated, adds atmosphere to the bathroom and enhances a relaxing bath. Universal mirrors can be combined with other RAVAK washbasin and bathroom furniture ranges.

Zrcadla Oblong / Strip / Luna / Orbit

For all interiors

Mirrors without a frame or with a narrow frame offer the maximum reflecting surface. The universal shapes are suitable for all interiors.

Zrcadla Oblong / Strip / Luna / Orbit

Environmentally friendly and economical

Mirrors with LED side lighting evenly illuminate the bathroom interior with atmospheric light. The backlighting is not overly bright and is ideal for everyday use.

Zrcadla Oblong / Strip / Luna / Orbit

Designed for wet environments

The mirrors are designed for wet bathroom environments – protection class IP 44. All mirrors come with a five-year warranty.

Technical details

  • Dimensions (Øxd): Ø 50/60/70/80 x 3 cm
  • Lighting: LED
  • Light colour: 4000 K (neutral)
  • Luminous flux: 975 / 1209 / 1482 / 1716 lm
  • Degree of coverage: IP 44
  • Wattage: 12 / 14,9 / 18,2 / 21,1 W
  • Transformer: 24 V (included)
  • Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Installation preparation: electric wire at least 50 cm in length for controlling the light with an external switch (there is no switch on the mirror)
  • Warranty: five years

The mirror is equipped with LED side lighting and is suitable for connection to a 230 V power supply. Wall-mounted mirror.

5-year Warranty
Luna Mirrors 500/600/700/800

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000001577 500x30 mm Mirrors LUNA I 500 with LED lighting
X000001578 600x30 mm Mirrors LUNA I 600 with LED lighting
X000001579 700x30 mm Mirrors LUNA I 700 with LED lighting
X000001580 800x30 mm Mirrors LUNA I 800 with LED lighting